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Thread: 7x65R

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    Boolit Mold
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    Smile 7x65R

    I would like to reload for a Winchester O/U Shotgun Rifle combo 12 Ga. over a 7x65R rifle. I also have a Sauer Drilling 16x16Ga over 7x65R. I would like to use cast bullets. Any one loading this fine caliber?

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    upstate NY
    I load my old Mosin with 11.5 grains of Unique and a 314299 bullet. Shoots good and is mild it will hit the 200 yard steel pig pretty easy

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    I don't load for that caliber; but isn't the 7X65R basically a rimmed 7mm-06? Maybe you could use starting data for a .280 Remington??


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    Boolit Buddy
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    Aug 2005
    7x65R Data

    From: Loads That Have Mattered, R, Seyfried, Handloader #210, April 2001

    "My pet "deer" rifles are 7x65mm, which by any other name are .280s with a rim. They use 57 grains of Reloder 19 with 140-gr Nosler Partition bullets and Federal 215 primers in RWS brass."
    Nosler #4 has a maximum load of 57.0 - RL19 - 140 gr Partition in the .280 Remington for 3152 fps.

    From: Complete Guide to Handloading, Sharpe

    7x65R (Rimmed)

    "This is DWM Cartridge 557A. It is a rimmed version of the 7x64 Brenneke, and such arms as we have seen are fine quality singles, doubles, and combination weapons. Make this case out of .405 Winchester brass. Check rim diameters and thickness in your own chambers. The die forming of .405 to 7mm in one operation is not usually successful. Too many crumple - or just plain fold up - so use a 9mm, .35 Remington or .35 Whelen die properly positioned in the Pacific tool to serve as an intermediate stage. The .30/06 die backed out will be a good unit to follow as the next stage. Then finish with the 7x64 die. Anneal neck and shoulder.

    Load by developing from lower than 7x64 loading. You may find the case showing a bulge in front of the web after firing - examine those cases inside, and discard any with cracks. A ruptured case in a single or double rifle is not a serious occurrence, as the solid breaching will hold the gas, but you may have a firing pin break or end up somewhat burned. But case ruptures never help the smooth finish of the chamber - so play it safe."

    From: Hornady, 3rd Edition, 1987
    RWS case, Federal 210

    120-gr HP #2815
    IMR4064 - 44.4 to 49.6 - 2700 to 3100 fps
    IMR4350 - 49.9 to 54.9 - "
    IMR4831 - 52.1 to 55.6 - 2700 to 3000 fps

    139-gr Spire Point #2820
    IMR4064 - 43.9 to 48.0 - 2600 to 2900 fps
    IMR4350 - 49.3 to 54.7 - 2600 to 3000
    IMR4831 - 50.6 to 54.9 - 2600 to 2900

    154-gr Spire Point #2830
    IMR4064 - 43.0 to 46.3 - 2500 to 2700 fps
    IMR4350 - 46.9 to 52.9 - 2500 to 2900
    IMR4831 - 48.4 to 55.6 - 2500 to 2900

    175-gr Spire Point #2850
    IMR4064 - 40.9 to 45.7 - 2300 to 2600 fps
    IMR4350 - 43.7 to 50.7 - 2300 to 2700
    IMR4831 - 46.0 to 53.6 - 2300 to 2700 fps

    I would think that you could use .280 Remington cast bullet data from Lyman for the 7x65R; if you need that data, let me know.

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    I have a German load book it contains several loads with Rottweil, VV and IMR powders. Let me know whether you like to have them, there is no listing for boolits but you could use some of the starting loads and work your way up.

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    Boolit Mold
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    Nov 2009
    Well, let me jump in here...
    Usually I´m just reading.

    I doubt that there are running around many loading datas for a drilling with lead bullets.
    They are a more German thing and only used by hunters. And German hunters, well, for quite many of them cast bullets are considered to be "stoneage".

    OK, I´m reloading the 7x64 - the rimless equal of the 7x65. And I´m reading a lot about Drillings as I´m planing to buy one.

    Here´s what I would do - and suggest you to try:
    Basically you can use any bullet that will work with the 7x57, you should be able to find a few good loads for it on your side of the big pond. Then: work that load up.
    The 7x65 is just a cartridge with a bit more space than the 7x57, basically...
    Besides that, Drillings can be tricky... Usually they climb with the point of impact if you fire several shots at a short time. Keep that in mind when you test your loads. Fire one shot - and wait for minimum 15 minutes till the next shot. The barrels need to cool down! The shotgun barrels don´t heat up as much as the fired rifle barrel and so the whole bundle bends a little upwards when you fire several shots in a row.
    This could lead you on the wrong track when you start testing your loads. Also: The shotgun barrels should be loaded when you test. Some drillings don´t have the same point of impact without loaded shotgun-barrels.
    Some people use to say the drilling is like a piano you need learn to play on... But you´re always ready, no matter what critter may come.

    My suggestion for a powder to try would be TrailBoss. Usually if you fill up the cartridge to an almost (completly full is supposed to give a high rising pressure, be aware of that) full case you´re on a good track. No clue how much that might be in a 7x65, but that´s the way I did it with a swiss k31 carbine and the people of a german lead-bullet making company told me exactly the same about their experience with TrailBoss.
    But if you´re looking for a hunting load the TrailBoss load might be too soft for your taste...
    Vihtavuori N110 might work fine, but there´s always the danger of an accidental double load that will fit in easy in the case.
    Hodgdon 4895 might also be worth a try, I can imagine there will be some loads for it for the 7x57 running around to give you a starting point.

    Last not least, I would try not only lubed "pills" but also do some testing with bullits patched with cigarette paper.
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    Can't help ya Sarge, but I'm green with envy at the 16x16 drilling! Sweet.

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    Boolit Mold
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    Jun 2014

    Im from Slowakia /Europe/. I do reload for my 12/7x65R combo CZUB 584 - because of barrel diameter - .289 instead of .284. I do reload RCBS cast silouhette 145 grn with gas check - total weight of bullet 155 grn. /wheelweight water dropped/.
    Powder Vectan TU 5000 - 40 grn, 2300 fps, accuracy great, no leading.

    Reduced load with good accuracy up to 100 meters with 10 or 15 grn Vectan BA9 /similar to Unique/.

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