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Didn't someone mention a magic temp. of 150F?

Well it wasn't "wet", but was thick, sticky and spreadable. Some of it solidified immediately.
I wasn't going by color as it had the charcoal in it, looked like chocolate brownie mix.
It wasn't hard as a rock, the thin spread part was easy to break. I'll try shootin some, if it's not great maybe I'll
cook it some more, or just start a new batch. Still have half a ton of vitamin C.

I'll get the hang of this yet!
If I said so, then it was 150 Celsius. (I'm used to the metric system here). Make small batches, I make test batches of only 100 grains. Also do small test batches and make just Golden powder, ascorbic acid and nitrate... that way you get the hang of it, you'll feel the texture is different and when you add other components, like iron oxide, you'll know when it's ready. .