Beretta A300 and 1301 shotguns come with a shell liter that remains in the down position after chambering a shell.
This means that inserting a shell into the magazine requires pushing down on the lifter for each shell that's pushed
into the magazine tube. It's too easy to trap a finger 'tween the lifter and mag tube opening. The fix is to spend about
$85 for the Beretta Pro lifter (that should've been standard on these guns). The Pro lifter always remains in the up
position after the first shell is chambered, and remains fully out of the way for the absolute fasting loading of the magazine.

The lifter install was "interesting" to say the least but it all worked out fine. There will be two key "struggles"
reinstalling the "D" clip that accepts the trigger assembly lock pin, and reinstalling the lifter spring arm. As I
found out, it's best to have the hammer cocked first, then tap out the trigger assembly lock pin and remove
the entire trigger assembly.

Then I pried up the lifter spring assembly and the little black retainer flew off into no man's land, was lucky to have
found it. It's the little black thingy on the left. The lifter spring and rod in the image below is backwards, where the
bullet end goes into the lifter arm and the spring end goes back into the little black thingy - but that's for later.

The "D" clip is pried off - it holds the lifter to the trigger assembly.

That allows the lifter retaining pin to be removed.

Now the lifter and its arm can be removed.

Now here's the beginning of the 2 tricky parts. Put the lifter spring arm into the new Pro lifter and begin to fit it
onto the trigger assembly. Notice that the lifter spring and rod are oriented in the direction they need to be installed,
and the little black thingy has already been stuck back into the trigger assembly (hard to see in the image).

What needs to be done is to fit the lifter rod into the lifter spring arm, push both the Pro lifter and the lifter rod at the
same time, aligning the lifter rod's end that's hidden inside the lifter spring so that its spike end will slip into the
little black thingy, and holding it all together under the fairly considerably lifter rod spring tension, align the lifter's
hole with its mating trigger lifter hole, then push in the lifter retaining pin at the same time. It's tricky and will
probably take several attempts, but it's doable.

Last but not least, the lifter pin "D" ring needs to be seated on the lifter pin. Make sure the lifter pin is pushed in ALL
the way because there's a small slit in that hollow pin that will accept the flat part of the "D" ring. This ring does 2
things - it keeps the lifter pin from moving out and its flat spot grabs the trigger assembly pin to lock the pin from
moving out of the receiver. I used a pair of needle nose pliers to get the curved part of the "D" ring onto the pin,
then pushed the ring around the pin with a small flat blade screwdriver until the flat spot found the pin's cut out
was seated inside it.

All done, with Tacticon light/laser added on a starboard side Magpul pic rail. At this point I see no need for the
bbl/mag clamp, it shifts too easily and wastes time removing for cleanup maintenance. Got GGGAC QD parts
and strap on order.