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In defense of Accurate, and I would not know them from Adam & Eve, in all likelihood the reason that his stock bullet designs all have the same meplat is probably because he has only a handful of cherry designs, or maybe even just one, to make all of his bullet profiles. LEE at one time did "custom" molds but even their so-called custom work was clearly from LEE as most bullets had similar geometries.

So I just looked at the Accurate page of bullet profiles and I can tell you that actually appears to be the case. The different calibers and weights come from the magic of adjusting the gcode to get what you want in the cut. Which means its very likely that they have made a business decision to stick with that cherry geometry because adding others or changing the existing design would affect other aspects of their business model. Just a guess.
If I'm not mistaken I believe that Accurate lathe cuts his moulds. We asked him one time why he didn't do a smaller meplat or even a more pointed bullet and he reply was because of tool bit chatter.