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Thread: This drives me nuts!

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    Life's too short to worry about the little stuff.

    Never had a primer go sideways?
    Never had a dropped primer?
    Never had an odd number of brass cases?
    Never have a case get crumpled or damaged during the process?

    I could continue. But these are little things.
    I worry about bigger things.

    Will my wife's cancer return?
    Will my LEO son get killed by some cop hater?
    Will my DIL's cancer return for the 3rd time?
    Will my granddaughter die from drugs?
    Will my oldest son & his wife ever succeed in having a child?

    Nope,, I have enough worries to where the little stuff doesn't bother me beyond a brief moment of cussing & then it's corrected & I go on.

    Need another primer? Open a box, get what's needed & mark the box as a "partial" to be used next.
    Need a bullet? Open a box, get what's needed & mark the box as a "partial" to be used next.
    Damage a piece of brass? Throw it in the recycle bin, and grab another out of the bag.

    After decades of handloading,, I found out long ago I'd have partial boxes of primers & bullets. No sweat.

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    I tend to have a primer sleeve marked "Not Full" that I dig into whenever I am priming up lots smaller than 50, so that all the uneven-ness goes to a single sleeve instead of more than one.

    Also, with the prices of primers these days, you can't afford to leave primers behind on the ground if they are still good. an even floor surface that contrasts silver or gold really helps!

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    Would never even occur to me to get bent over an empty slot in the ammo box.

    Now, an empty slot in the rifle rack just screams at me to buy another rifle.
    Cognitive Dissident

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    And I will NEVER use a dropped primer, they go right in the wood stove when I sweep up.

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    Boolit Mold
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    My wife finds them with her vacumn. It's not pretty

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    I never figure on even numbers when I reload a special batch. Always figure on 10ish extra for some to get munched and a few for chrono.
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    LOL I figured a simple way to find the missing primer
    Just get out the sweeper and sweep the floor

    BUT REMEMBER the sweeper has a beater bar to make a vibration
    So you can get a lot more dirt out of the carpet

    BUT that beater bar will also beat on that lost primer
    And BOOM no more lost primer

    Small pistol primers , OK just a medium BOOM
    Larger Rifle Mag primers get more interesting
    209 Mag shotgun primers remove some decent divots out of the beater bar

    But to be fair
    I may load 1 to a thousand of a load
    As I do a lot of "Testing"
    So I normally have trays of primers with some missing

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    I load on single stage.
    If I am loading for volume I prime and load in lots of 50.
    If I`m loading small batches I prime in odd numbers.
    I keep one box of odd number primers just for that and it is marked as such.
    Yes, I attempt to recover every dropped primer.
    Always have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poppy42 View Post
    OK I must have one of those compulsive disorders or something. I’m wondering if this bothers any of you guys? Go to load up some 68 grain 5.56 ammo. One box to be exact. One box equals 100 bullets. Well clean up size 100 cases. maybe one or two extra, sometimes I like to make a dummy case set up for the col if I know I’m gonna load a lot of in the future. Get the how to measure all set up with correct weight. And here’s where the problem occurs!!! You’re all set ready to get started going to prime up 100 cases, cause primers also come 100 per package! And you drop and lose a primer!!!! Cases no problem put them in the rest of the cases. But what do you do with one bullet!!!!!!!! Do you go ahead and open up another sleeve of primers? Then that leaves at 99 the next time you go to load something. So I ask you again what are you supposed to do with one bullet!
    Drive me nuts!
    CDO much? I can be like that, try hard not to. Just remember that you're doing this for stress relief, not to add additional stress to your life! Besides, it makes sense in a number of ways to try to do it like you do. Though I gotta admit, when I drop a primer I search until I find it... I'm a cheap bastrich!

    CDO: Like OCD, but with the letters in the correct alphabetical order.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ioon44 View Post
    I always search for the lost primer, I don't a loose primer in my reloading room to get detonated by accident and start a fire.

    It always reminds me of someone else who left the 99 and searched for the one.
    I usually find them in the same place as the one sock I lost.

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    I’ve vacuumed some of them up I’m sure, but so far nothing spectacular has happened.

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    I just throw that bullet on top of the next box. I’m far more annoyed by the box of bullets or bag of brass that is one short.
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