Well I seem to know just enough about this stuff to be dangerous. I have read a few posts from this group to think I had a handle on casting. I have done pistol bullets with hitech and had OK results. I decided to cast a batch of flat nose 170 gr. LEE 309-170 mold. used pretty much straight wheel weights. 3 coats of the coating, and it tested fine both with acetone wipe and smash test. sized some with and some without gas checks. loaded some 30-30 cases with 10 gr. unique for plinker tests with no checks and some with checks with 24 gr. 3031 . after shooting 5 or six light ones I experienced difficulty chambering which I'm wondering if the low pressure didn't allow the case neck to expand enough to keep gasses from coming back into the chamber and the bore looked dirty. I proceeded to shoot the 3031 loads and they seemed to do better for groups but more chambering difficulty. I'm using a couple Canadian commemorative 94's that are like new. now I seem to have quite a bit of leading streaks and not sure how long it's going to take to clear that. I'm pretty sure if I took enough time to read posts I could figure something out but hopefully I'll get a better answer by posting.it's my first time after joining this group