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a sidebar --- yes I have been a fan of CVA's - however every one of them that I have had in my hands has had something wrong with it - from minor parts missing from the first kit I bought -- to -- end cap screws almost penetrating the rifling (raised a bump inside) of a fully finished Pennsylvania rifle. I had this mental picture of a little spanish quality control guy at the end of the production line - theres a conveyor belt marked USA taking boxes of number ones away and beside him is a big box that says "seconds for Australia??" ........so a misbranded barrel would be no surprise to me .......most of the CVA's downunder came from one particular supplier and almost all of them I have seen are 87 vintage, all of which kind of points to a bulk purchase of suspect quality stuff --------thing about it is (after a bit of tinkering) every one of those things shot like a house on fire - they were easy and adaptable to load - whoever figured this out at the start picked the perfect rifling dimensions for a round ball barrel .........sadly they went off making inlines
Thanks for all the helpful Intelligent replies! I haven't much to do with CVA rifles but the few I have dealt with had "issues" of some sort. My daughter is picking up some .570 round balls from the fella from the Alberta Muzzleloader association and she's bringing them down to me this weekend. Should be able to dry fit one or 2 with different patches, then hit the range.