I am loading 32-20 cases with BH 209. To make sure I get good ignition and consistent bullet pull, Im prepping cases. I use a VLD chamfer tool, a primer pocket cleaner and a flash hole uniformer and debuting tool. In the process of prepping 150 cases of mixed ancestry, I have become aware of how much variation there is in these cases. Starline brass in the thickest and the most carefully made. Flash holes are uniform, clear of burrs and the primer pockets are round and of consistent depth. The old Remington Peters cases from the 40s are equally well made but very thin. The worst of the lot seem to be modern Winchester cases which are just ragged in comparison.

My load is a Lee RN slug sized .312 and lubed with SPG. The powder charge is 11 grains by weight. I use Small Magnum Pistol Primers.

Cases are sized FL in Hornady dies, expanded in a Bonanza expander die with a slight bell on the mouth. Charges are dropped using an RCBS measure, bullets are seated with a Hornady seater die and cases are crimped using a Lee FCD. Case length has not been an issue at this pressure level but they are checked in a Redding trim die none the less.

Accuracy from my Browning M52 is 1 at 50 yards using a Marbel tang sight. I thing younger eyes could do better.

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