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I cobbled together some very functional 45 ACP shot shells using dies I had on hand. I form the neck and shoulder on the cut down 308 cases using a 41 Mag sizer die. For crimping the case mouth I use a 7BR seater die. The portion of the 7 BR die that represents the shoulder of the BR case is at the proper location and of a suitable taper to crimp the case mouth of the 45 ACP shot shell. Plus the BR die is of appropriate diameter to support and align the case for crimping. Anyway, that's what I do. It won't help you if you don't happen to have a 7 BR die set.
Older post. But I did not see this when it first came out.
I shoot a XP-100 in 7 BR! Sooo I will give this a try! Thanks!!!

Tried to do this earlier, but could never get the crimp right. I had everything else figured out from reading the other/older post, the crimp just kicked my rear end.