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Thread: Can Reloaders Replicate Federal 9mm 147gr JHP HST Tactical Performance?

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    Boolit Master
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    Apr 2005
    The 147 9mm loads seem to want to impersonate a 38 Special.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LIMPINGJ View Post
    The 147 9mm loads seem to want to impersonate a 38 Special.
    Ain't that the truth! IMHO, the 9mm is nothing but a +P .38 Spec with light-for-caliber bullets ... and ballistics charts back me up!

    Millions of dollars have been spent trying to design an expensive 9mm bullet that can approach the effectiveness of a simple, cheap cast 200 gr. SWC in .45 ACP but I don't think they've made it yet!

    It's obvious that in combat any gun is better than no gun and little 9mm guns certainly aren't worthless. It's also obvious that small 9mm pistols are easier to conceal and more comfortable to carry than big ones so a lot of people choose them for carry. On the other hand, full size 1911's are BIG. And most are HEAVY. But -- the big, heavy guns also come in smaller, lighter versions. (All smallish guns sacrifice combat effectiveness for carry convenience.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LIMPINGJ View Post
    The 147 9mm loads seem to want to impersonate a 38 Special.
    Even though it came along first--- I've always thought of the 9mm was basically a 'light' .38Spec.
    As I recall, the 147 load was developed for SEAL Team Six to have the hardest hitting 9mm, that could still be well suppressed.
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    barry s wales uk
    my old records 4.7grains of unique with 147grain bullets worked well in my HKP7M8 years ago when we still had handguns

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    Just for kicks, I ran a load through QuickLoad.

    146 grain Speer JHP
    4.6 grain Longshot
    COL= 1.10"
    Barrel= 4.0"
    Velocity= 998 fps
    Pressure= 33,070 psi (max is 34,084 psi)

    At 4.7 grains Longshot;
    1,016 fps and 34,878 psi

    On paper, it says you can get to 1,000 psi but they are hot.

    Guess your chronograph says different.

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    Hey, lookie here. (ammo supplier) did a video on 357Sig (it's nothing to write home about, per them) and compared 357Sig to "normal" 9mm.

    According to Lucky Gunner, my loads are just about the same as those fancy HST rounds -- 973 fps.

    This is fun.

    I bought 2 lbs of Knox unflavored gelatin and a 6"x6"x20" steel mold from Midway. I intend to cast a block of ballistic gel and see what happens.

    But this is what Lucky Gunner found:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Federal 9mm HST Premium 147gr Lucky Gunner1.jpg 
Views:	9 
Size:	64.8 KB 
ID:	290245

    The "1000 fps" stated on the Federal HST box is 973 fps. Close enough.

    Maybe I add that extra 1/10 grain and test on my own block of ballistic gel.

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    Feb 2016
    I donít think Iíd put too much stock in the Ďexit woundí comparison. A five inch column of water isnít the same as 12 inches of ballistic clay.

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    Aug 2021

    any sensible keith or skelton 38/44 load.

    some buffalo bore loads in 38 SPECIAL actually have that one uh, bent over a barrel on paper ballistics.

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    Boolit Buddy
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    Sep 2009
    Just some observations:

    1.100" is pretty short for 9mm with heavy bullets.

    You didn't load a max load nor state your COAL. Shortening COAL raises pressure and velocity. The actual "max," as in, what the pressure limit would be with a given bullet, is higher at a longer COAL. I would generally feel safe achieving their velocity with the same barrel length even if it took a bit more powder at a longer COAL. I don't normally "hot rod" 9mm Luger though as I usually load only for targets.

    I believe it would be easy to get a 147 grain bullet over 1000 fps with the right powder. I deliberately load them at ~900 for USPSA but there are certainly some very fast 9mm Luger loads out there.

    I also carry the Federal load discussed and it shoots in all of my guns. I have never chronoed it and I don't really care what the velocity is, as when tested, it seems to do the job, both into ballistic gelatin, and by our local police when they shoot people (although they use the 124).

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