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Thread: What is your main use for a .22 RF?

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    Boolit Master
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    Mar 2011
    Western, MO
    I still have bricks from Clinton and before but I only use it for yard pests these days. That old Coast to Coast and Canuck might be worth something one day.

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    Boolit Master uscra112's Avatar
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    Jun 2006
    Switzerland of Ohio
    I quit using the .22 on garden raiding 'chucks and raccoons years ago in favor of a reduced load in a .223. More positive kills and no ricochets.

    Can no longer walk far, so no woods loafing or pasture patrolling. Only thing left is porch pirates - opossums and 'coons within 5-10 yards of the kitchen door, molesting the birdseed barrel and/or the cats' kibble.

    About twice a year I shoot paper when I can get someone to accompany me to the club range. ( I need a runner to go out and pin up targets.) Still interested in getting the best out of my old Ballard and Stevens single-shots.

    The two dozen +/- bricks of commodity ammo in the locker are now for barter, should the fit hit the Shan.

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    Boolit Master
    slim1836's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    Burleson, TX
    Anything I want. Seriously, I just don't need to shoot .22's anymore since I live in the city. Hope to move in the near future, but I bought in '99 and it's done it's job for us. Other than sighting in one on occasion, they don't get shot anymore.

    I did pick up a 325 milk carton of LR for $17.99 2 weeks ago at Walmart just because they were cheaper than other places I've seen.

    I've got other play toys to shoot at the range with cast boolits that keeps me happy.


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    Boolit Bub
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    Jan 2008
    Central Arkansas
    My .22 ammo falls in two categories, hunting and practice. I have a couple thousand rounds of my preferred hunting ammo (squirrels) and several thousand rounds of mixed brand ammo that I primarily use in my M&P 22 compact for sub-caliber training/practice ammo. At my current rate of consumption I should survive yet another shortage and restock when things stabilize (like I did last time).
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    Boolit Grand Master Texas by God's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
    I carry a .22 single action often on my walks here on the farm. I hunt squirrels in cool weather and bullfrogs in the summer with a. 22. I also dispatch trapped hogs with one sometimes.
    Skunks, Raccoons and Armadillos in Mama's St. Augustine get shotgunned because it is one and done....
    But mostly I plink and occasionally print groups on paper.
    I noticed last year that I must prefer Remington .22 rifles- because that's all that's left after all these years of lots of different brands. My self bubbaed 581 with a 60's Valor 4x scope, an iron sighted 510, and two Nylon 66s. They do what I need from a .22 so even though I desire other fancier .22s- I can do without them easily.

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    Boolit Master
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    Apr 2016
    I went through a Ruger Mkii phase, then a S&W m41 phase, then a S&W m17/617 phase. In total 24 or 25 handguns. The pistols get used mostly for suppressed fun and the revolvers for paper.

    Haven’t even been watching the price of 22, but in the last shortage I gave away cases of it for scout camp and new shooters, this time nobody is asking. Maybe everyone I know stocked up.

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    Boolit Buddy Liberty1776's Avatar
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    Dec 2018
    The Free State of Arizona
    .22LR is the ideal introduction round for new shooters.

    I purposely bought a few .22 guns just so I could help newbies. I learned that even a mild .38 Special scares people who have never shot before.

    The Walther PPQ 22 is fantastic. Easy to work the slide, even for kids, women and old guys with weak hand strength, and can then transition to a full size PPQ 9mm and it feels the same, with same controls.

    I don't care for the Walther 22 Q at all. Its double action trigger is horrible. PPQ 22 is worlds better.

    The Kimber .22 conversion slide and magazine for the Kimber 3" .45 TLE II is very comfortable to shoot by anyone, and teaches 1911 ergonomics. My 70-yr old mother-in-law picked that gun as her favorite. Go figure. She liked the 1911 grip, angle and trigger feel, I guess.

    But far and away the most successful .22LR for training, for me, is an AR-15 fitted with a CMMG Bravo .22 conversion bolt carrier group. Installs in seconds, without tools. Just pull the rear pin, tilt up the upper, pull the BCG and replace it with the CMMG adapter. Close upper and push the pin.

    Add a cheap red dot or green dot sight on the rail and sight it in ahead of time, and the newbie shooter can't miss. No recoil. Minimal noise. 25 rounds in the mag. The satisfaction of hitting the target is wonderful to behold.

    Yeah, .22 ammo is running about 25 cents per round now, but it's still cheaper than 9mm. And I laid in a good supply a couple of years ago, so it doesn't hurt that much to shoot.

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    Boolit Master
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    Feb 2008
    Eureka MT
    I do some informal plinking, some small game hunting, and some testing of ammo in different 22s. Any time I take the jeep for a drive I have a brief case with 2 MK I T Rugers or a MK I and a MK II that get put in the back. Got two skunks about a month ago.

    I still shoot 22lr as much as I want. I'm almost 73 and I have what I believe to be a lifetime + supply of 22 even with shooting with the four grandkids when they come to visit.

    I can shoot the hornets, the 25/20s or many of my hand guns for about 5 cents a round which is only slightly more than most of the 22lr I have stock piled. But, I don't have to load the 22s. I also have a lifetime supply of primers powder and lead, so it depends on what I want to shoot as to what I shoot.

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    Boolit Master trapper9260's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    My main use for 22lr is for the trap line to dispatch what I have alive in the trap and some hunting . I had got my supply up where i feel good about after Trump got in office. I am set now for some time .
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    Pressman's Avatar
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    May 2008
    In the Gopher State of Minnesota
    I love making little round holes in paper targets and these days, and factoring in advancing years, the lowly twenty-two is the perfect rifle for that. Not only rifle but the pre-17 S&W 22 revolver is getting an approving look from me.
    It's great therapy especially that I have acquired several military style vintage rifles. They have the heft and feel of a centerfire without the noise and recoil. Going to the range in the evening around supper time I can be all alone and just relax and fire 25/30 rounds. I don't go out with autos and blast off a couple of boxes just to make noise, every shot counts. The latest edition to the family, a Mauser DSM-34 that has been bubbaized is currently getting a nice welcome home.

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    Boolit Master bedbugbilly's Avatar
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    Sep 2013
    MI (summer) - AZ (winter)
    It used to be plinking and 4 legged critters on the farm - woodchucks, coons, skunks, etc. Sold the farm so now I would say plinking but with the price of ammo and availability of ammo at the present, my 22s are parked. I have some ammo - just don't want to shoot it all up. I have a brand new Henry "Frontier: - beautiful little rifle with a butter smooth action - bought it almost 2 years ago and haven't even shot it yet.

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    I found it vaguely unsettling that this post showed up right above "Nosy Neighbor" in my listing.

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    Boolit Master

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    Apr 2012
    State of Denial
    Meditative therapy.

    It doesn't beat me up. It doesn't make me deaf or give me nosebleeds. I don't have to pick up the brass or study manuals for it. For most of them, it's not a matter of group size or scoring rings, but rather one of the reactive target being hit.

    At the height of my Highpower rifle career, I was shooting a match every other weekend. Nights were often dry fire practice or loading. Shot reduced range "practice matches" with a matched-out rimfire on the in-between weekends with the shooting coat, spotting scope and all the other comp paraphernalia.

    Woke up one morning and realized I'd forgotten how to have fun with a rifle. Found a Winchester 1906 pump for $75 and quit taking myself so seriously. There's a time and a place for that crap, but sometimes you just need to pretend you're ten again.


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    Boolit Master
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    Apr 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by MrWolf View Post
    For their ammo?
    HA-HA (I think)/Ed

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    Boolit Master Murphy's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    Idabel, Oklahoma
    Quote Originally Posted by Bigslug View Post
    Meditative therapy.
    Woke up one morning and realized I'd forgotten how to have fun with a rifle. Found a Winchester 1906 pump for $75 and quit taking myself so seriously. There's a time and a place for that crap, but sometimes you just need to pretend you're ten again.
    Bigslug, I believe you hit the nail on the head for what I'm primarily doing with .22 RF's. I ain't a pup no more (67) and don't get out in the woods like I did when I was younger. A good .22, a Zebco 33, and an old friend sure can make for a good day.

    If I should depart this life while defending those who cannot defend themselves, then I have died the most honorable of deaths. Marc R. Murphy '2006'.

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    Boolit Master
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    Mar 2014
    St. Louis
    22LR has a few purposes for me. Its relatively easy for me to obtain 5k rounds in normal times. Its cheap to shoot in normal times. GOOD rifles are cheap in normal times. Theres no recoil allowing me to work out flinches. Theres no recoil making it easier to teach out flinches in others. Kids love 22LR. I don't have a kid but friends do. AND...I like it.

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    Boolit Master Jedman's Avatar
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    Nov 2014
    Lenawee County , MI
    For me it’s mostly for plinking. When I get a new rifle I usually scope it if possible and shoot it for groups to see how accurate it seems to be. I do shoot quite a few yard pests with them but also use what’s quick to grab most often. When I can get my wife to shoot she prefers 22’s as she ain’t going to shoot something like a 45-70.
    I buy, sell and trade a lot of 22 rifles and pistols but always have 6 to 8 that I have had for 40 + years and they don’t get sold so I always have 22’s and ammo in stock.


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    Jul 2013
    The Pacific NorthWet
    Read tazman's post & chuckled, then MrWolf's and chuckled again... You guys' humor is like mine, not sure if this is a good or a bad thing LOL

    In past mostly accuracy practice and small game / varmint hunting.

    Not done enough those lately, need to fix that.

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    Boolit Master Shawlerbrook's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
    Central NY
    Pest control these days. Eliminated 2 garden raiding woodchucks this week. As a kid I would shoot hundreds of 22ís a weekend busting bottles at the dump or shooting bull frogs.

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    Boolit Master
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    May 2012
    Outside Rolla, Missouri
    Skwerls and varmints. Haven't been much of a 22 shooter since I was about 20. That's soon to be 50 years ago and I expect I have a life times supply of 22LR ammo.....which wouldn't take a lot.
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