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Thread: New 12 Gauge Loading Kit

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    Boolit Master MOA's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    Concho, Arizona. At home in the White Mountains at last.
    It's a tuff call on quality miniature reloading tools. Nice to have compacted quality tools but, the ractional of why and how you plan on using them can at times be illusive.

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    May 2013
    many years ago I was lucky enough to become good friend of a much older man who would go out in the everglades for weeks at a time with not much more than a hatchet, a knife, bunch of matches in a jar a coffee pot and pan and a 22 magnum and pocket full of ammo for it. him and his wife would go out in a pit pan( a little row boat made out of 1 sheet of plywood), they would find a high and dry spot and make a lean to and go trapping, hunting and fishing from there. He sure was from another era. there aren't many folks that would survive in the wild these days with a bug out bag and all the reloading goodies they could carry.

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    Boolit Master
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    Nov 2008
    Central VA
    Quote Originally Posted by MOA View Post
    It's a tuff call on quality miniature reloading tools. Nice to have compacted quality tools but, the ractional of why and how you plan on using them can at times be illusive.
    I have to agree MOA. I’m fascinated by things compact or miniature. But that doesn’t mean I’ve figured out a practical way to actually use them, particularly in a stress situation.

    "It aint easy being green!"

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    Boolit Grand Master

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    Jun 2008
    So. Orygun
    I lived in So. CA for most of my life and instead of being concerned about "Bugging Out" but "When the Big One Hits" for prepping. Been out of LA Co. for 11 years but still have the "be prepared mind set (didn't have to panic buy any reloading components nor TP or food). I don't see myself "bugging out", but rather hunkering down when the collapse comes, but we have been faced with evacuations due to Mother Nature (forest fires and tsunamis). I have ammo to take with me and 1,000 rounds of 9mm or 45 ACP takes up way less space than the components and reloading kit would, and mostly kept in one place, easy to get and transport...

    My JIC stuff doesn't include a shotgun but I do have a 12 and a bunch of 00 buck loads. If I were to go up in the hills I'd take 2 of 45 ACPs (a 1911 and a HP Carbine) and my 10-22...
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    W.R.Buchanan's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Ojai CA
    Guys you don't have to be a prepper to justify having a Lee style 12 ga loading kit.

    I have one and I use it for many things. I can load Slugs and Buckshot just as fast with the kit as on my machines. With those rounds the only operations I use the machine for is sizing/depriming, re-priming, dropping powder, inserting the wad and the rest gets done by hand.

    All of those operations can be done easily with hand tools, and lots of times if I only have a few to do I'll use them.

    I also use them for taking apart shells that I've screwed up.

    It is a worth while set of tools to have, and if you are only going to load a box or two a year, then they are less intrusive than a machine that has to be bolted down to a bench.

    All you have to do is find a use for them. If they weren't useful they would have been around for so long.

    "It's not how well you do what you know how to do,,,It's how well you do what you DON'T know how to do!"

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    Boolit Master bedbugbilly's Avatar
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    Sep 2013
    MI (summer) - AZ (winter)
    I'm looking at this as a "newbie" to shotgun shell reloaded. I have been shooting, casting, etc. for 55 years. I have shot muzzleloading shotguns but have always had the "bug" to load some BP shotgun shells and just play with a single shot or a double - when I was a kid I had an old 16 ga. double. I'm "old" and I enjoy doing things the "old way" at times - I have presses but often use my Lymen and Ideal tong tools for hand loading.

    I'm mainly looking at a 20 ga and a 12 ga - and since I like collecting old reloading tools - I have several of the old kits for those - the old roll crimper, wood wad seaters, wood primer remover, etc. I also have a 20 and a 12 Lee Classic loader. I plan on punching my own wads, etc. So . . . . I thought that the video was pretty interesting. I'm not up on 3D printers and all of that - but the kit looked interesting to me - for one, I am amazed at what 3D printers can do if this was made that way and, I was pretty impressed with the crimp that resulted from the simple tool.

    Yea . . . . I know that a used MEC can speed things up and I respect that - but I have to believe that there are a number of folks like me that are primarily interested in "getting started" in loading up some shotgun shells and who are not planning on needed large quantities for shooting trap, sporting clays or even hunting. My hunting days are over - but I think would be fun to load some BP . . or even Red Dot loads up - and when I go shooting with a buddy, we can maybe toss a few clays and have fun. A "but out" kit? Well . . . to each their own. Like many, if it ever came to that I would opt for my revolver and carbine in .38/357 and a set of Lyman 310 steel tongs and dies - but that's me.

    Would I buy one of these kits like in the video? Yea, I probably would if the price was fair. I would certainly buy the "crimper" by itself if it was offered as it looks like it works pretty well and for the low volume re-loading that I want to do - it might work just fine when using already fired plastic hulls. It's kind of a "modern day version" of the old Lee sets - being plastic, would it last forever? I'm guessing not.

    Interesting though . . . . .

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    Boolit Master
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    Dec 2006
    Northeast Tennessee Hills
    What about the 10Ring loaders? Anyone have and use one? james

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