Five+ decades ago in a state far to the south of my present AO I would put feed out for the birds. We had a starling problem, ugly useless birds. But that same feed also acted as bait and when my parents were out also out would come my crosman 600 semi-auto .22 pellet handgun. I killed lots of those starlings. It wasn't a bad way to learn handgunning either. The distance was probably 30 yards. I turned an oversized bottleneck cartridge out of mahogany in shop class and it had lots of notches in it. That was the turnings sole reason for being. I still have it somewhere.

Locally we have red squirrels, useless and they get in under the siding and cause problems. I would maintain bird feeders back then but the reds would come and also eat. After I found their destruction I know I shot over a hundred of them in just a few months. No problem disposing of the bodies once the night prowling predators discovered where I put them. The next day they'd always be gone. We no longer put out bird feed, but my neighbor does and has taken over my old duties.