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Thread: Reasonable project ...........

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    Reasonable project ...........

    The reason/reasoning ;
    I want a simple CF 22 LR/Mag class rifle with available ammo when I'm not around to make it anymore . I'm leaning towards a 25 ACP which if the action will handle 22 mag it'll handle that unless a guy gets crazy and puts 3 gr of H110 under a 50 gr FMJ or something .....

    Theory ;
    The homestead has now several H&R and Stevens singles in 410 and 30-30 . If I reline a 30-30 then I won't have a 30-30 . I've read that barrel adapters can be reasonably accurate , it's a 25 yd red/grey squirrel gun not a match rifle so minute of pop can is plenty . If I read and understood the description of how the Dan Wesson pistols work then one should be able to apply a 410 rim to one end and a threaded muzzle on the other and be able to self center the muzzle end at the muzzle and let a little taper a 1/10" or so above the rim fix the back half with a light extractor inletted to run off the OM assy . The biggest bug is a long enough insert or the coned draw nut sleeve in the confines of a .480 head to a .386 muzzle .

    Now that it's all written down it doesn't look as good as it sounded in my mind . Maybe this is one of those good idea fairy offers that might be better served with a solid permanent leave rather than a rigid locked Insert .

    Opinions please . Seriously if it's the dumbest thing ever please say so .
    Suggestions of the Obvious are welcome too .
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    The Remington 580 series rifles don't seem to difficult to convert to CF. I have always thought if I were to do this, I would look for the single shot Model 580 instead of wasting a good repeater.

    I think they are doable up to .380ACP, maybe 9mm but the 9 gets into some pretty hefty pressures for a .22 action.

    I have an old Browning T-bolt (salt wood era) with a bad bore that I have thought about converting to No Zombies .22 Ladybug, but that gets away from your wanting an available case.

    Another option is a ~95 grain .32 pistol boolit and about four grains of Green Dot in one of your H&R .30-30's. Very quiet (compared to a full load) and fairly accurate.

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    I have done a lot of projects something like what you are talking here. If I understand you right you have a 410 single shot that you want to make in to a CF rifle for small game / plinking ?
    Are you going to do the work yourself or looking to buy a insert ? To me the easiest would be to get a Chaszel 410 shotgun adapter in 32 S&W long and epoxy it in your barrel and add sights or a scope and you would have it.
    I looked on Chaszel’s website and in that size he only makes a 5 “ long adapter but that would work OK and I have seen his products shoot really quite well especially if it permanently installed. Trying to make a working ejector can be done but for what your talking about I would just pick out the fired casings with your finger nail or use a small nail and keep it simple.
    Something like a 25 ACP would be more costly and difficult because it uses a .251 bore barrel, a rimless case, and even if you reload it it would cost more than a 32 S&W.
    If you have a lathe you can turn your own shotgun adapter and make what you want from a used take off barrel or Chaszel sells barrel blanks at low cost.
    By the way I have no connection to Chaszel, I have made about a half a dozen or more shotgun / rifle conversions with his blanks and have been pleased with them and his prices are hard to beat so I have recommended him quite a bit on this forum.


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    I kinda wonder what kind of money you think is reasonable for this project?

    Do not evaluate the cost due to the current political situation,, normality should return,,

    About 2 years ago I purchased a complete AR rifle in 300 Blackout,,
    when ammo was available, I purchased subsonic ammo at a reasonable price,,

    My cost for the complete gun from PSA was
    $119 (+ transfer fee) for the lower
    $199 (no transfer fee) for the upper,
    that was the complete gun, optics ready, and it works, no experimenting,,

    Maybe you should just wait for that ??

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    Lenawee County , MI
    A couple years ago I picked up a Spanish made 16 ga. single shot with a broker firing pin for $ 50 and it had pretty walnut stocks and a case colored receiver. It took about a hour to fix it and I had a 5 or 6” long piece of .451 barrel so I turned it to fit like a chamber adapter and chambered it to 45 ACP. I removed the ejector and other parts with the ejector and added a set of iron sights that I had in my parts box. When I mounted the rear sight I drilled and tapped 2 holes to mount it and with the adapter installed in the barrel with never seize I made the rear screw that mounted the rear sight a little long where it just touched the top of the adapter so I put a small drill point spot there on the adapter so the sight screw would retain the adapter.
    Even with my poor eyesight from my front porch I was shooting 2 - 2 1/2” groups in a 2 x 4 pounded in the ground at 34 yards from where I was shooting.
    Now in Ohio that caliber is a legal deer caliber and I thought this would make a dandy tree stand or blind gun as I had cut the barrel to 21” long and it was nicely balanced and you could still remove the adapter and put the ejector parts back in and have a 16 ga. Slug gun if you wanted.
    I put it on my table at a gun show and I had bunch of people looking at it at the same time and one guy who was holding it just says I want it how much ? I sold it really cheap because I had so little in it but I know with all my other rifles I would probably not use it anyway so I am glad that someone who will use it now has it.
    Total time I had in repairing the firing pin, and making the adapter and installing the sights was maybe 3-4 hours and was a fun project.


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    I need to get another Yildiz folding .410 shotgun to convert to a .32 Long or .38 Special. I like the one I have presently too much as a .410 to change it!

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    i don't have any links handi (see that right there) but there are one or two makers that produce rifled, LONG chamber adapters.
    i almost bought an 18" 9mm to .410 a couple years ago.

    got the ruger pc carbine so i forgot about the project.
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    Harter66. Here's all you need.

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