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Aqualube is great stuff, has many uses. Non contaminating is a big plus. It can be applied to a surface and adhesive tape will stick but the surface is slick, very interesting material. One of my sizers was used by a commercial caster and we later swapped it with a revised design machine. When we brought the sizer back I noticed it was very slippery and greasy feeling, coated with what appeared to be a silicone based product. I spent a lot of time cleaning to remove that product for the fear of silicone contamination with other products and paints we use. The machine still feels greasy and adhesive tape has trouble sticking to the painted surfaces. Still concerned about shop contamination. Don't have that problem with Aqualube.
As you are aware, all Silicone lubricants are a plague on society. They contaminate and are spread everywhere by simple transfer by touching surfaces that has Silicone on them.
It is almost impossible got get rid of it from a contaminated area.
In Automotive industry, if you try to enter any premises after you had visited any other site where Silicones were used, they may put you against a wall and shoot you. Not really, but that is how drastically seriously this is being taken as Silicone really messes up any painting and surfaces and cant be removed, and it is spread like crazy.