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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:34 PM
    Winger Ed. replied to a thread Pumkin pie in Our Town
    Wow. I thought making your own pie crust was a lost art.
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    Yesterday, 04:11 PM
    Way cool. But be careful where you point it. I've heard on the news they fire on their own without pulling the trigger.:kidding:
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    12-03-2021, 06:31 PM
    Winger Ed. replied to a thread Amazon bargains in Our Town
    Amazon offers lots of stuff in used or 'like new' condition at a discount. I figure it's returns. You roll the dice with them. Sometimes ya make out, but I've read reviews where some of those items were broken, or missing parts.
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    12-03-2021, 01:22 AM
    Cool gun! I wouldn't go hacking around on that trigger. It's easy to take metal off,,,,, putting it back on-- that gets a little more involved.. It sort of sounds like there is a little bit rust 'flower' on its engagement surfaces. I'd clean...
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    12-02-2021, 11:44 PM
    It was their version of blanks that looked real and would feed from a magazine during salutes since crimped blanks often don't like to feed up through a magazine. There was also a screw on muzzle adapter that shredded the wooden projectile as it...
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    12-02-2021, 11:20 PM
    As they come off the press: I feel for the flare to be rolled out, and for the case mouth to just barely make the faintest little 'bite' into the boolit. It it does that, I can't push it down into the case with my thumb, and it fits the chamber...
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    12-02-2021, 10:10 PM
    Winger Ed. replied to a thread Sheridan Blue Streak. in AirGuns
    Do a quickie web search for 'Sheridan air gun repair parts'. Several places pop up for parts and repair shops.
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    12-02-2021, 02:14 PM
    Call Lee. They have a good reputation for making things right.
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    12-01-2021, 10:37 PM
    Winger Ed. replied to a thread Christmas Avatar in Our Town
    I'm in again. It took awhile to find a suitable redneck one, but they're out there.:bigsmyl2:
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    12-01-2021, 10:28 PM
    Something else you might try is to hold the sprue plate holes up against the pot's exit hole and then open the valve to sort of pressure fill the mold. And be sure you have a clean nozzle to allow plenty of flow. The faster the mold fills the...
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    12-01-2021, 08:01 PM
    The vent lines do need to be clean for it to fill out properly. I wouldn't get too violent cleaning them though, maybe a wooden tooth pick will work and not scratch the blocks. I use Lee molds once in awhile, and have found they like to be on...
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    12-01-2021, 07:47 PM
    Have 45 each of once fired .340Wby Mag brass, all with the Weatherby head stamp. It came from a public range several years ago. Its clean, but not polished, sized, or de-primed. $50. shipped in a USPS priority box. Claim here and send PM if...
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-30-2021, 07:52 PM
    Call the credit card company. They'll go to bat for ya and reverse the transaction.
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-30-2021, 07:17 PM
    Those look almost a cool as those things that guy on youtube makes by pouring Alum. into fire ant mounds.
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-30-2021, 01:47 AM
    Winger Ed. replied to a thread Chrono surprise? in Cast Boolits
    Check how they got their data, and how different your handgun is from what they were shooting: Compare barrel length, maybe your cylinder gap is larger and bleeds off more pressure than theirs, what they sized a Lead boolit to, what alloy, or see...
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-30-2021, 12:04 AM
    Winger Ed. replied to a thread Wounded Warriors in Our Town
    Thankfully, I've never needed their help. The only thing I heard they do that's been criticized is they spend a fair sized percentage of their donations on advertising. Which on the surface sounds bad, but it's actually a good investment to get...
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-29-2021, 11:50 PM
    If you don't at least neck size, there won't be any neck tension, and the bullet will usually just fall into the case. I went for a long time only neck sizing .30-06, until a second one came along. They'd all fit the old M1 Garand, but didn't...
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-29-2021, 02:25 PM
    It'll work fine, but it's messy, and will want to rust the liner of your pot. I've done it a few times. I start with a pot about 3/4 full, feed it in slow, flux it more than usual, pour off ingots when it gets almost full, and so on. Then run...
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-28-2021, 06:24 PM
    Good looking knife. It should be handier than a extra pocket.
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-28-2021, 04:57 PM
    I saw it and basically, you need a minimum of 30 posts before you can use the S & S section since it is a courtesy provided for established members here, and not just the general public.. Short of that, you might put your stuff up on ebay.
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  • MOA's Avatar
    11-28-2021, 09:09 AM
    Looking to buy some once fired 6.5x55 brass.
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  • MOA's Avatar
    11-28-2021, 08:57 AM
    Picked up a nice set of Krag dies from HawkeyeEarl. Very smooth transaction. Filled my scrub tub with hot water an dawn. Broke them all down and used my tube brushes to make them shine. Then into the oven at 200 for 40 minutes to thoroughly dry,...
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-27-2021, 08:13 PM
    As I recall, he had the basic belted mag. case from a H&H or something and necked sized it up & down for most of his Weatherby Magnums. Sort of like how everybody played around with the .30-06 case and made several different calibers from it.
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-27-2021, 02:52 PM
    Winger Ed. replied to a thread Old CCI primers in Vintage Ammo
    No zip code on the address, listing that they're non-corrosive and non-mercuric will put 'em as being made in the late 50's to early 60's.
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-27-2021, 12:05 AM
    When I was looking for one, I was surprised at what they cost once you got beyond the Chinese trash. I started looking for used or rebuilt ones. I found a older, commercial, 13" Hobart for $500. it was used, but had a new ($200) blade on it.
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-26-2021, 11:02 PM
    Do a quickie search for 'W. Schollhorn Co.' and or 'Bernard pliers'. And click 'images'. They made all sorts of specialty pliers and cutters for electricians, leather work, and fence work. There's a few of their items on ebay too. Yours seem...
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  • MOA's Avatar
    11-26-2021, 10:19 PM
    Rayant, the mold on the 5 pound ingots was just something I found on a shelf at goodwill. You can see some of it in the left upper corner of #12 post. Here's a better image with a pair of vice grips clamped to it.
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-26-2021, 08:02 PM
    Winger Ed. replied to a thread Tonights supper in Our Town
    Sounds good. A pound or two short on bacon maybe , but good.:kidding:
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-26-2021, 07:57 PM
    I had to get something from Walmart the other day and went through the sporting goods section. The had 3 boxes of Winchester Super X .22LR. They were only $40. for a box of 300. The kid working the counter saw me looking at them and asked,...
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-26-2021, 07:53 PM
    Way cool. One of the best things about new Grandkids--- when their diaper fills up, you can hand them back.:bigsmyl2:
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-26-2021, 07:47 PM
    Wow. I've recently seen a few brass Blazer cases, but since back in the old Berdan/ Alum. case days. I always thought of them as 'el cheapo', throw away cases that weren't really stout enough to be reloaded even though some are now Brass/Boxer...
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  • MOA's Avatar
    11-26-2021, 06:11 PM
    I think I remember asking No. 1 about the search engine on the forum not working like it use to. I think he told me that when they did a update or had to switch something that the search engine here on the forum does not work anymore. I think your...
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-26-2021, 04:16 PM
    Yeah. In the old days, I'd grab a $6-7 one pound roll of 95/5 if I needed some Tin. That same roll is over $30. now.
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  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-26-2021, 04:09 PM
    Nothing wrong with the Lee manual, but I'm a big fan of the Lyman Cast book. I'd have to double check, but I think there is load data in it for the 300 gr. using Win 231. Also, do a quickie search for 'Win 231 in .45 Colt'. A lot of info. and...
    8 replies | 239 view(s)
  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-26-2021, 03:22 PM
    ^^ Back in the 90s I got a couple of hundred pounds of shot from the scrap yard and this was how I melted it down. I make a lot of soft alloy for .38s and .45s. I'd melt a pot of more or less pure, and toss in a hand full of it to help the fill...
    11 replies | 483 view(s)
  • Winger Ed.'s Avatar
    11-25-2021, 11:11 PM
    Experimenting around is good, and evolves the sport and industry. However: If you're using a rather hard lube, I think you have a solution for a problem that doesn't really exist. Check out the cast rifle boolits in .30 cal. Nothing special...
    7 replies | 406 view(s)
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