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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    Today, 07:14 PM
    The new 6 cavity mould is just throwing you a curve ball ... try winger ed's method of tilting the blocks and filling from the low front to higher rear cavity . Any excess sprue flows over filled sprue and not into unfilled cavity . Be sure and...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    Today, 06:01 PM
    :goodpost: Thank You Dusty Bannister ... post #1143 was very helpful ! I printed out the sheets with recipe and instructions , to keep and notice the drying rack / tray that Ben uses ... now that is a neat way to dry them . A Big Thanks to...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:48 PM
    Why not just 3D Print boolits ... Is CAD ... Computer Aided Drafting
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-23-2022, 08:25 PM
    Your heat treating method of heating in an oven and then quenching in cool water is the best way to harden boolits . You may need to experiment with alloy and you may want to size the boolits before heat treating them ... Cold working the lead...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-22-2022, 07:17 PM
    At 25 yards there is absolutely no reason not to use a Wadcutter Design ... and my pick would be the NOE 314 - 90 - WC . This style is seated out of the case , more like a SWC and this design when in 38 cal. is the most accurate in all my 38...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-22-2022, 06:33 PM
    Learning gun handling and safety with a BB gun and then pellet gun is excellent ... the next logical step up is a 22 LR ... there is a large enough increase in power , muzzle blast and noise from a 22 LR to be quite noticable from Pellet Gun . I...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-22-2022, 06:16 PM
    I bought mine in 1970 ... and still have it . Let's say I Love it ... I have cast , reloaded and shot this one more than any other gun I own . The adjustable sighted 38 special / 357 magnum can cover a lot of shooting applications ... perferating...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-22-2022, 02:35 PM
    Can you post the "New Improved" recipe ? I have the old one calling for the discontinued Johnson's Liquid Wax ... I found a 22 oz. can ... but the price is $103.00 ...for one can ... That's a bit much ... has another product , of affordable cost...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-22-2022, 01:23 PM
    :goodpost: LIKE
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-22-2022, 01:22 PM
    Dust them with Motor Mica , a fine dry powdered lube , some say it is "white" graphite powder but it is actually Hexagonal Boron Nitride ... a dry high temperature lubricant used in the automotive industry . If you don't have any lying about ......
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-22-2022, 12:04 PM
    gwpercle replied to a thread Nice and shiny in Our Town
    There are two reasons I don't use wet tumbling to clean cases . 1.) My reloading out building has no plumbing ... I must walk to the house and use our kitchen sink for filling , emptying and rinseing and I need to not leave a mess ... the wife...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-21-2022, 06:38 PM
    My first revolver was a Ruger Blackhawk in 38 / 357 , in 1970 ... Didn't get my next single action untill 2021 ... a black Ruger Wrangler in 22 LR ... It was LOVE at first sight ... I wish I had gotten the Wrangler a long time ago . It Is Sweet...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-21-2022, 02:32 PM
    In the 1960's and 70's the swaged 1/2 and 3/4 jacketed pistol boolits were popular ...rifle boolit swaggers also used some of these short jackets on rifle boolits ... it gives the longer rifle boolit a 1/4 jacket at best by looking at your photo ....
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-21-2022, 02:00 PM
    Sorry I can't help you with Ground Hog recipe ... for some strange reason I've never even seen one in the state of Louisiana ... just use your favorite Nutria or Beaver Recipe ... and substitute the Ground Hog meat for the Nutria / Beaver meat ......
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-20-2022, 01:20 PM
    Would like to add ... if you are getting up in age ( I'm 72 ) just normal getting old makes casting with a Custom (NOE in my case ) 4 cavity alumin. hard ... the NOE 4 cavity is heavy for an extended casting run and I'm not disabled ...just old ......
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-20-2022, 01:07 PM
    Good ... sounds like the oils have been driven out ... clean with acetone , Carb. or Brake cleaner another time or two after cool down . When the cavities are broke in and seasoned it will cast without any problems ... the aluminum likes to hold...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-20-2022, 12:10 PM
    You will need to flare case mouth for any / all cartridges loaded ...rifle or handgun ... with lead boolits . A Lyman M-Die is nice but the NOE system of m-die type inserts used in a Lee Universal Neck expander works much better . NOE also sells...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-19-2022, 08:12 PM
    These 45 acp loads ... intended for 1911 Colt type semi- auto pistol or for shooting in a revolver , 1917 S&W or Colt ? I have experimented with heavy boolit loads but only in K frame and N frame revolvers chambered in 45 acp . Gary
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-19-2022, 08:04 PM
    The Lee moulds have cutting oils deep into the pores . Clean with acetone and a tooth brush . Heat up mould and cast a few ...let cool . The heat will bring out more oil ...heat and cast Third time will usually result with all oils driven out ,...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-19-2022, 07:36 PM
    I'm in the Middle of the city the old Capital Heights Subdivision , nearest landmark is Webb Memorial Golf Course ... about 3-4 blocks away . Have lived here in an old 1929 built house for 49 years . You will find several natives roaming...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-19-2022, 06:51 PM
    gwpercle replied to a thread Door camera in Our Town
    My wife had one installed and it was free ... when they installed new fiber-optic cable and computer service to our house . Old provider was through our telephone lines ... this outfit is new lines with expanded services and one of those was free...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-19-2022, 06:22 PM
    gwpercle replied to a thread No use for FMJ in Our Town
    I don't have much use for FMJ either . I mostly shoot cast boolits . I have one model 95 Mauser 7X57 with a "dark" bore that will group only 175 gr. Hornady RN rather well but not cast ... so it gets fed those . If I want cheap boolits ... I cast...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-19-2022, 10:42 AM
    Kept in a " Climate Controlled Room " ... more than likely everything is useable and in good shape . Primers so stored will last at least 50 years ... Powders , check for "red dust" and an acrid irratating unpleasant smell . If no red dust and...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-18-2022, 06:13 PM
    Welcome Sam ! Gas Checked boolits help a lot with getting an accurate load worked up . Looking at RCBS Cast Bullet Manual , 45-70 loads and every boolet from 300 to 500 grs. is a Gas Checked design ... my tip-o-the day is try a boolit with a gas...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-18-2022, 05:36 PM
    Me Too ! But I would prefer crispy fried bacon not floppy soft cooked ... and a big bowl of Blue Bell Ice Cream . Gary
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-17-2022, 02:57 PM
    gwpercle replied to a thread Turtle time in Our Town
    In Louisiana all you need is a fishing license to take Common Snapping Turtles , they are plentiful and not in dangered . Alligator Snapping Turtles are getting harder to find and have restrictions . But the common snapper is fair game . I want...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-17-2022, 08:32 AM
    :goodpost: Without the water and ice dispensor in the door you have a lot more space inside . I slide open the freezer to get ice or open the refg. door for cold water ... simple ! Without these extra's the units are cheaper and nothing in door...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    06-16-2022, 05:52 PM
    Yes , power loads can be shot in a regular 22 revolver . At point blank range they are lethal and will cleanly dispatch even a person with a shot to the head . I attended the funeral of a friend's son who was killed playing russian roulet with a 22...
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