View Full Version : Anycubic is having a sale.

08-05-2022, 11:21 PM
If you happen to he looking for a printer, Anycubic is running a good sale right now. The Mega S which has a 220 x 220 build plate is $139 (reg price $279). The Mega X which has a 300 x 300 build plate is $199 (reg price is $379). The Mega X includes 1 kg of PLA.

I have had a Mega S for 18 months and I ordered the Mega X last week when they were on sale for $229. The Mega X arrived today and the included roll of PLA was white. It's already setup printing some calibration prints.

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08-06-2022, 01:49 AM
Had the Anycubic in my sights back in April but bought an Ender 3 v2 instead. Not sure how this one compares to the Anycubic. Done went through 4 or 5 Kg's of filament so far, as these things are addictive! I'm a stickler for calibration and not "slice" happy.