View Full Version : I need someone to modify an ammo box to fit 10mm

11-11-2021, 07:56 PM
hello all, so there are these kinda cool ammo boxes over on the usual site(thingiverse) that they call "battleboxes" and I really like the design. I would like one for 10mm, but they don't have one, but they've got one for 40 s&w. Its been a while since I've messed with solidworks, and using a laptop without a mouse, is a disaster. but in any case, with other boxes, id just either use cure to stretch the bottom, or top(which I've done with some printed mtm style flip top 40 cases) to fit, but these are more complex in their design, so im wondering if someone would be kind enough to modify it to accommodate 10mm, I would be much obliged. I don't care if they even say 40 on them still(but if its not that difficult to change, they'll actually be for 9x25 Dillon, not 10mm)

11-19-2021, 11:52 AM
Could you post a link to the specific model that you like?