View Full Version : Die Holder for Hornady Bushings

10-02-2021, 07:24 AM
I have a Hornady Lock-n-Load single-stage press which I really like, but it requires a quick-attach bushing be installed on all my dies. These are the ones:

That means that normal die-storage options like "just leave them in the box they came in" aren't really a thing for me, so as I have accumulated more dies I've started to want a better solution for the ones I use all the time. Thus, this:
https://snz04pap002files.storage.live.com/y4mO365k6uIwv_EjxLZjg0pjXM0E3vLT8kmy9STe0FlGGAIZFj uj0YZRaRfBKGjVZUg0rG2iWX3X1zDRlP-PLpYPPmachsp1vSPdQdc2_1RHqeBHMfAVn1E7D1LTkIyXu4_C2 df1IbSTIgPv_6nRrUdDSrf1FrBBxBPN-CssBDVFQo_ERRZk1JAqE3-kHgokDIw?width=1024&height=768&cropmode=none

It's basically a block of wood, in this case two pieces of plywood glued together, with six 1-1/4" holes drilled in it, and then sleeves inserted in the holes to match the diameter of the bushings and accommodate their O-rings. When printed upside-down, the sleeves require no supports.

I made a few files when messing with this project:

A 5-hole template for marking the wood with holes arranged like the 5 on a dice. I didn't end up using this because I remembered I had another die I wanted to put out.
A 6-hole template for marking the wood with holes arranged in an offset 3x2 pattern. This and the 5-hole template were sized for use with the center-punch I have in my garage.
The sleeve for holding the dies. Each one fit tightly in the 1-1/4" holes as created by my cheap drill bit on my drill press, but you might need to edit the file to change the OD or use some glue.

The FreeCAD files (for editing) and the STL files (for printing) are all available here: