View Full Version : Good find at my local Goodwill

09-09-2021, 12:59 AM
I came across copy of Speer #9 reloading manual and a copy of Lyman 45th edition. I got both for $6 and change. They'll be a great addition to my reference library.

09-09-2021, 02:58 AM
Wanna double your money? [smilie=w:


Winger Ed.
09-09-2021, 03:25 AM
I've always felt sad when that sort of thing ends up at Goodwill, more than likely when someone's estate was finished up.
And the heirs either didn't want it, or didn't even realize what they were putting in the 'donate' bin.

But at the same time,
I like seeing that sort of stuff get back out in circulation, and bought by someone who wants and appreciates them.

William Yanda
09-09-2021, 06:40 AM
Yesterday at Restore, checking for pewter I found 8 glass bottomed mugs, a Jefferson cup and a goblet. They totaled just short of 7 lbs. Sometimes you find nothing, or an item overpriced-for alloying purposes, but occasionally there is a score to be had.

09-09-2021, 09:59 AM
Wanna double your money? [smilie=w:


It's a tempting offer but I'll pass.

09-09-2021, 01:03 PM
Nice find!

09-09-2021, 02:09 PM
I'll be checking out other Goodwills from time to time. Hopefully I can find something else I can use

01-24-2022, 07:59 PM
My best score so far was a glass bottom mug for Ten cents. Second best has been fifty cents each, third per piece was a 12 mugs lot for $8 . They are all engraved with events long past of people now divorced or dead. One had a nice pike ( fish ) for a handle. others are plain. all were cheap.

02-08-2022, 09:33 AM
My local second-hand stores usually don't have much and I've never seen anything shooting related. I've got some second-hand sports equipment for my kids and the occasional clothing item, but not much else. My best find so far was not shooting related - a leg lamp, exactly like the one in the movie A Christmas Story. Our local Goodwill is a mess, pretty dirty and disorganized. A couple of the other stores are much better run.

02-08-2022, 10:43 AM
Bought a nice Kimball baby grand at my local habitat store. Paid 700.00. Love it.

03-07-2022, 06:18 PM
On the other side, I just dropped off a nice pair of boots to the Good Will today.

03-07-2022, 08:03 PM
I found a small hand held steam cleaner bran spanking new in the bag with all attachments for a whopping $3!
Just the ticket for cleaning up the muzzleloader!

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