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08-18-2021, 11:12 PM
Not sure if anyone wants to do this or not...

I am going to offer an opportunity to test the design on this to someone with a 3D printer, perhaps a couple people at first?

Darnit I didnt put in the hollow base option, well, we can discuss that LOL

The design for these is pretty easy, there are just a few parameters:


OD (0.357" for a 38 Spl or 357 etc.)
L1 (say 1/8" maybe?) The gas check, thick enough to not rip off and leave the shot behind. I am thinking at least twice the shot capsule's wall thickness for this length as this part takes the power of the powder and uses it to accelerate the shot.
L2 (the coupler part, long enough to hold the capsule on but short enough not to steal lots of volume)
L3 (say 1/2-3/4", length of the shot capsule)
The shot capsule probably should be a slightly smaller OD than the rear gas check part?
W (wall thickness, maybe 1/20th of an inch at a guess?)

Could make these hollow based, support would be an issue though; Maybe with a hexagonal structure inside the hollow?

We could discuss it all, certainly :)

I'm having some knee problems and tho I'm OK it makes getting to the car to test these tough, etc..

You'd need a 3D printer with suitable filament (or resin), calipers probably, and to have very safe shooting habits in case the capsule cracked leaving shot 1/2 way down the bore or a wad stuck in the barrel or whatever... Someone mildly paranoid is fine. LOL At LEAST check the barrel after every shot for the first 20ish rounds as none of us want a KABOOM.

I can generate STL files in a pretty big hurry, let me look at the customizer as you folks think on this and maybe a few more can participate if they make their own stl files?

If no interest I'll just get to it in a bit, just not quite there yet.

08-19-2021, 09:01 AM
sounds interesting, unfortunately I dont have a printer.

08-19-2021, 12:50 PM
How is that different from the ones Speer makes? Theirs are plastic fired from a 38 or 357 case. I have some plastic bullet cases that use no powder-just a mag primer and plastic bullets for indoor practice that you use again if you can find them. It is good to have a large piece of cardboard until you get better. Sounds interesting.

08-19-2021, 09:37 PM
Well, for one thing, you could print capsules for your .50 handgun; Speer doesn't make those. Could make them in .32 or whatever. And custom length, to fill the cylinder. For Contenders could make longer ones, for example.

08-19-2021, 09:39 PM
Easy enough to make the plastic bullets for practice, too. But I've made those out of wax before, those work, too.