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07-18-2021, 03:33 PM
This is more of a proof of concept until I test it on the press. It would be prefered to drill a hole in the seater die cap and turn a metal plunger, but this PLA is holding up just fine. ABS or PTEG would be better. I also lack a lathe and drill press.

There are some designs available but I didnt like them becuase the used NPN. I wanted micro switch because thats compatible with anything and easily programmed. You can use a regular digital counter or program an Arduino or raspberry pi easily. Hell I all ready have the Python 3 code.

Its full adjustable since the plunger stroke changes with seating depth.

I need to go to the range and light off some rounds so i can have an excuse to load more and test.

I am worried that the plastic plunger will wear or give creating inconsistent seating depths. Though i am not sure and i printed the plunger at 100%. I could also anneal the plunger.https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20210718/c96afc8de7470a6aff597df75aa6f8c6.jpg

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07-18-2021, 03:34 PM
This is the proto type. Once i get the designed finnishing touchs on it. I will upload to thingiverse.

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07-21-2021, 03:37 AM