View Full Version : MP 8 cav. Lyman #359432 clone anyone?

07-02-2021, 08:06 PM
I have a 4 cav. Lyman #358432 from 1977. It is extremely accurate. At age 81 I'd like a lighter mold & one that produces more boolits per cast. I have several MP molds in 8 cav. & prefer then for their production advantage.

Is anyone else interested in a GB #358432 in a MP 8 cav.?

My Lyman boolits weigh 160 gr.

Accurate has a 5 cav. #36-148L & #36-165W. NOE has their #360-162-AW3. 8 cav. would be better.

160, 165, 148 or 162 gr. would be OK with me.


THE TITLE HAS AN ERROR (that I'm unable to correct). The Lyman mold is #358432 not #359432