View Full Version : Mp Ruger only mold

06-25-2021, 12:38 PM
Hello all, awhile back Mp molds made a group offering for a Ruger only mold for 45 long colt . Does anyone here have a extra one there willing to rehome ?? Or lead me in the direction of wereto find one. Please email me directly to whitetailsnipercaptainkirk@gmail . Com
Thank you kindly .

06-25-2021, 12:47 PM
Sign up for email notifications for when it comes back in stock on MP Molds website. He does restock at times. I’ve picked up a number of molds this way.

06-25-2021, 01:04 PM
most members wont respond to, or email to an outside email. by using the pm system on here if something goes bad ie; scammer, con artist, or other such problems arise the moderators can see what went on and ban the offender. not saying you have nefarious intentions, just a heads up that you will get more help using the system on here.