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03-07-2021, 12:11 AM
I will have to post the smokeless later. All the cans are full. The top left DuPont I canít make out whether itís ffff, fff, ff, or fg since itís smeared. I plan on using the powders in my 50 cal percussion rifle I picked up with the powder. The fg I read is for bigger than 50 cal? If so I own an 1873 Damascus SxS 10 gauge Iíll use it for. The blue pyrodex says CTG on the side. I would assume I can use all in my 50 cal online accept for the FG? Can I use any of the others in my 10 gauge besides the fg? Any ideas on how old the powder/cans are? I picked up a bunch of 8 pound cans of smokeless that Iím wondering ages as well. An 8 pound can of 700x in a metal black and yellow sealed and unopened in a metal barrel and a cardboard cylinder sealed with 8 pounds if green dot. Any collector value to them? The rest of the 8 pounders are in plastic jugs.


Here are the smokeless powders I was referring to...


An older bullseye can...


I never heard of 2230 C. I ended up with 3, 8 pound jugs of it along with 8 pounds of red dot and 8 pounds of imr4895(one of favorite 243 powders).


There was a bunch more powders I never heard of sealed in cardboard tubes I passed on the day I picked these up. I shouldnít need powder for along time combined with my current inventory.

03-07-2021, 03:13 AM
Looks like well taken care of. Looks like 70's and early 80's and the 700x -Unique-Green Dot-and Bullseye will probably do to target shoot. I would like to have the 700x and Bullseye in my stash. I am shooting Bullseye older than that. The plastic is newer. The black powder could be 60's. I was shooting black powder when Pyrodex came out in the early 70's.

03-07-2021, 03:50 AM

Designation: Accurate -- 2230-C.

Type: Double base Spherical powder.

Category: Medium fast Rifle powder

Time supplied: Between 2001 and 2005.

Information: We do not have specific published load information for the 2230 C powder. It’s a military surplus “Spherical” or “Spherical” powder, which is basically a derivative of the standard AA 2230 and 2460 powders. 2230 C is slightly slower burning than the standard AA 2230 product, which makes it more equivalent to AA2460. You can use any published load information, on any caliber configuration, for the standard AA2460 product AS IS. Since the powder can be used in a wide variety of caliber/configurations (too many to list here).

Reloading Data: We do not publish data use A 2460 data AS IS.

Winger Ed.
03-07-2021, 04:02 AM
I was getting new cardboard containers like those in the 90s.
The plastic containers all came along around the early 2000s for pretty much everything.

The black steel can is probably from the late 70s or maybe into the 90s. Ones from the 60s weren't black, had a metal cap,
and looked like they'd been painted by a 6 year old. They also were labeled with paint & a stencil, not a paper tag.

I've got some of the new looking steel 1 pound cans of BP I bought in the mid 90s.
Yours might be as old as from the 80s.

It's odd to see single 'F'.
That's what cannons and mortars call for, and its kind of hard to find without special ordering it.

You might want to research the other powders and get them too.
They might be something you could use, or even sell in our currant market.

Whoever originally bought all that knew what they were doing.
And it looks like none of it is odd-ball junk, the other powders probably aren't either.

03-07-2021, 06:15 AM
If you are familiar with BP you should be able to look at the grain size to know what it is. At worst you probably would only be one size off and that shouldn’t make a big difference unless you are going for max precision. There are most likely pictures of the different sizes with a scale on the internet.

03-07-2021, 10:10 AM
I googled on my phone when I was there about the 2230c and it said for 5.56 so I grabbed it up. For what I paid for it you might have well said it was almost free. They stopped selling what they had a few days after I bought this powder with some guns and other various reloading supplies. The other cans they had (there was more left than what I bought) was strictly shotgun powder according to my search. I think it said Cerico or something similar. The name reminded me of the word circus. A relative came over to put a Kabash on the selling spree so I am great full for what she sold me. I ended up with a lot more goodies. Just wanted to get this powder ID’d. The seller had a couple dozen Argentines, lee enfields, and nagants so I would assume that’s what he used the powder for. They also had over a hundred military boxes full of reloaded and spam cans. I only ended up with a 2 cans.

03-07-2021, 12:35 PM
I have had very good luck with 2230 C in 222 Mag and 221 Fireball. I am starting to run low on it, maybe 6-8 pounds left. I burns clean and seems consistent for me. I also have burnt a bunch of 2230 S over the years, with similar luck.

Heck of a nice haul!