View Full Version : MP Mold 360-640-155 grain solid in aluminum 8-cavity mold, Any interest?

02-09-2021, 10:24 AM
Any interest in 360-640 SOLID, 155 grains, in aluminum 8-cavity mold, made by MP Mold?


I contacted designer Bob aka 45 2.1 and Miha from MP Mold, and they gave me approval to run Group Buy for noted boolit. Thank you Gentlemen!

Also, Miha offers handles for 20 euros with each mold, a very nice nice discount from currently listed price 25.93 euros, https://www.mp-molds.com/product/bullet-mold-handles/


Handles are compatible with LEE molds (and other).

Here are the prices:

8-cavity aluminum mold.....86.07 euros (approx. U$102.42)
Handles (with mold only)...20 euros (approx. U$24.19)
Shipping to USA...............17 euros (approx. U$20.56)

Please make a note that, due the minimum shipping charge, cost is the same for mold alone, as for mold + handles.

As soon as I upload this post, I will sent link to Miha for review, just to make sure that everything is correct. As for delivery date, Miha will let me know, but, from what I understood, it will be in foreseeable future.

Please list what you want and how many pieces. Also, include your e-mail camouflaged like this: ibcdiesel at netscape dot net

Onty: 1 mold + 1 handles, ibcdiesel at netscape dot net

02-17-2021, 09:43 AM
Hello all. Well, looks like there is no interest in this GB, so I consider this inquire closed.

Just spoke with Miha today, placed order for 1 mold and 2 handles.

Miha said that he will make few molds more, so if you want this mold, please contact Miha ASAP; https://www.mp-molds.com/ , contact https://www.mp-molds.com/contact-us/


02-18-2021, 08:46 PM
Are you aware there are two other MP group buys for the same weight already?

They are well over a year old each...

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02-19-2021, 03:36 AM
Are you aware there are two other MP group buys for the same weight already?

They are well over a year old each...

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Thanks for letting me know. No, I am not aware, especially if they are "well over a year old each".

But I am well aware that there is no mold on the stock for solid one, and aluminum is not even on the list, or never been https://www.mp-molds.com/bullet-casting-equipment/?pa_caliber=360&pa_material=aluminum . Since I want to shoot this boolit more than any other one, aluminum mold would be a nice improvement over brass one for my not so young arms. Didn't think about that before, now I do.

03-04-2021, 06:03 AM
Just to inform you, Miha is making molds very soon for 360-640-155 grains SOLID boolits in brass https://www.mp-molds.com/product/360-640-solid-6-cavity-plain-base-mold/ . Also, he is making about 10 aluminum 8-cavity molds. So, if you want one, contact him ASAP https://www.mp-molds.com/contact-us/ , I bet they will go fast.

03-08-2021, 08:07 AM
Received today from Miha 360-640-155 FP:


This is the work of art, as usual. THANK YOU MIHA!

If you want aluminum mold like this, or brass one, you better hurry https://www.mp-molds.com/contact-us/ , while some overruns are still available.

04-28-2021, 04:39 PM
FYI, Miha still has on stock aluminum, 8 cavity molds, for 360-640 SOLID, 155 grains, like mine above.


Handles extra, of course.