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04-26-2020, 03:13 PM
For your consideration MiHec 311440 (Hammer o' Thor) HP/FP 2 or 4cav GC/PB or Solid 4 or 6 cav GC/PB
MiHec 45 2.1 Design Cramer-type Lyman 311440 (Hammer o' Thor) Penta&Round HP/FP (2 or 4cav) GC/PB or 4 or 6 Cavity Brass and ("Lee Style") Solid Group Buy GC/PB
Miha has given the green light to run a very popular 30 Caliber bullet. Great Bullet for 300 Blackout or 30-30. Should cast out between 145-160 depending on Hollow Point option.

Options and details . .
1. Mold will be available in 2 Cavity Brass Solid, 4 Cavity Brass Solid, and 6 Cavity Brass and Aluminum “Lee Style” Solid. Also available in 2 and 4 Cavity Hollow Point with Large Round, Penta and Flat pins.
2. Available in .311 and .314 diameters (WW).
3. (Will Post Official Weights with photo soon)
4. Available in the “Lee Style” 6 Cavity Aluminum also.

Cost is as follows:

Hollow Point Molds
2 Cavity HP all pins included 95 Euro's (80,75 with discount)
4 Cavity HP all pins included 135 Euro's (114,75 with discount)

Solid Molds - Brass
4 Cavity Solid: 95 Euro's (80,75 with discount) including shipping, top punch and allen keys
6 Cavity Solid: 95 Euro's (80,75 with discount) including shipping, top punch and allen keys (need to confirm)

Solid Molds - Aluminum
Lee Style 6 cavity aluminum solid 95 Euro's (80,75 with discount) including shipping, top punch and allen keys

These prices are from the last buy and will be updated and converted to us dollars when we get close to closing.


Please include your (disguised) email address with your request.
Miha will send out invoices about the time the buy gets closed. Payment's through PayPal (he's in Slovenia). Shipping's direct.

Over here, we call this bullet the Flying Fist as that is what Paco Kelly hung on it for a moniker. None the less, it is a very versatile slug. This buy is currently being run on the cast bullets forum and is already about to close. A quick look showed it had 29 takers so here is your opportunity to tag along on that buy because Miha will close this one at the same time and make these molds at the same time. Note that there are several other mold configurations available. If you don't have this mold realize that those of us who do have it found it to be fantastic. Jeff Hoover and I both got 1400 plus fps out of our Buckeye 32-20's with this bad boy.

In the table below, the Flying Fist is the 2nd bullet from the right for comparison purposes.