View Full Version : Unique powder can

01-12-2020, 09:52 PM
Anyone have an idea on when Hercules produced this style can?

01-13-2020, 01:08 AM
Not Gospel here but I have a very similar can . The lots changed about every 2 months knowing the approximate origin date of mine (1968) and it's lot number (48?) puts that either just before or right after WWII . I suspect there was a significant disruption of production in 1917-9 and 1942-45 . Sometime 72-74 lots were changed to week yr letter standardized lot system . (It's been too long since I used it to quote it off the top) .

01-13-2020, 09:31 PM
This can was full and sealed when I got it, Unique is now my favorite 45ACP powder with 200 and 230 FMJ. Do these cans have any value ? Although it’s not perfect maybe someone might like to include it in their collection.

Winger Ed.
01-13-2020, 09:41 PM
. Do these cans have any value ?

There's always a few on ebay.
They're pretty pricey for empty cans.