View Full Version : lee 6 cavity 356-102 1r

11-17-2019, 07:35 PM
nobody is interested in this boolit.

11-18-2019, 10:27 PM
I am interested in at least (1) & maybe even (2), if the price is not too much out of line with my limited budget, if that would help with getting them to do the work to make them. I don't use that boolit much, but would like to have a 6 banger instead of the double. I just don't know what the fee is to setup this deal...

So, if I can help out & afford to jump in, let me know.

11-18-2019, 11:18 PM
I'm interest too.

11-18-2019, 11:33 PM
Hey, wait a minute,,,,,,,
Why do we have to pay the setup fee, when they gonna make the mold on our dime, then, list it in their catalog??

Why dont we just tell them to go make the mold, then they got our sales right off the bat?

If, we pay the setup fee, do we get the exclusive rights to the forthcoming sales?

11-19-2019, 11:02 PM
Have you looked at the MP 115g, 8-cav aluminum molds that miha has in stock? I know its not exactly the same, but is a great shooting boolit.


11-20-2019, 08:58 PM
How much would those run, then, each?

I have a 6C TL356-95 but haven't tried it, for sure that 102 would feed well in semi-Autos...

11-20-2019, 09:05 PM
I might be interested in one depending on price, maybe two. Especially .357. I would think the round nose should feed in everything. I have the TL356-95, it wonít feed in my Colt Mustang except in certain mags, Iíve had trouble with it in other 380s also.

11-20-2019, 09:32 PM
Thumper's Mom taught him to not say anything if he didn't have something nice to say. Send a sample bullet to any one of the many custom makers advertising here and save a lot of hassle.

02-13-2020, 08:03 PM
I am interested in something like this. Who are the custom makers?

02-14-2020, 10:12 AM
I did hear back from Lee. If I want a custom 6 cavity 356 100 RN PC bullet, Lee wants $250 for set up +$56 for the mold + 8 weeks ETA.

Any one want to split the $250 fee?

If we get 40 molds, the fee is waived. I'm in for 2.

02-18-2020, 06:54 AM
11 people interested. That's $78 per mold.

03-05-2020, 11:52 AM
I am interested. Have cast a quite a few of these in the 2-cav; would love to have a 6-cav and spend less time in front of the lead pot making these.

12 interested ... dropping down to $76 and change per mold.

04-07-2020, 08:16 AM
I would be interested also. I have a two cavity that's pretty worn out and in dire need of a replacement. I too, have a TL356-95 that doesn't always feed in my wife's SIG and never a problem with the 102R.

04-07-2020, 09:47 AM
I have the 2 cav mold and I cast with it every few years and every time I do, I find it to be underwhelming every time. I always seem to end up with TC varieties due to feed and ejection.

What exactly do you all see in this mold that I'm missing?

04-13-2020, 07:35 PM
though i dropped the topic id still like to have 2 6cav's of the 356-102-1R if somebody would honcho , twice now i've tried to drive the bus stating exactly what the fees would be and why they would be and somebody stepped on me.

04-27-2020, 09:09 PM
15 people. That's $72 a mold.