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12-30-2018, 01:48 PM
Probably somewhere in here but I can't find it.
After hearing about these group buys for some time, I went ahead and got into one. Only problem is that I am not completely sure how they work and fear that my stupidity might mess things up.
Can someone walk me through the process so I can at least look like I know what I'm doing and get the money to the right person when the time comes.

12-30-2018, 02:31 PM
when the time comes you will know what to do.

for mihec, he will email you a statement that you pay with paypal, then he ships the product and posts on the groupbuy thread your tracking number

for noe, he will email you a statement with a discount code, you go to his site and pay however you want, he will send you a tracking number.

most all group buys operate roughly the same way. after you sign up, you wait and wait until it goes to closed buys, that is when the product actually starts to be made. not long after it goes to closed buys you should get your statement.

forgot to add that if you get cold feet or your financial situation changes, most buys allow you to back out until it makes it to closed buys.

12-31-2018, 03:11 PM
Gotta say that several guys that ran group buys say they will never do it again for all the grief that comes with it.Robert

12-31-2018, 04:37 PM
This is the basic flow of how a group buy works (mihec GB)

A post is placed in the Group Buy Discussion ->http://castboolits.gunloads.com/forumdisplay.php?10-Group-Buy-Discussion
Basically this is a feeler to determine if there is enough desire for a particular design.
It is placed by a Honcho. This person is someone that basically handles the advertisement and handles the list of names(with emails) for the group buy.
Generally speaking they DO NOT handle any money.

Sometimes it is a rerun of a previous ran design but it still has to go thru this process.
Currently the only "TRUE" group buy molds are Mihec molds.
He has a minimum requirement for doing a mold run.
This minimum is either based on the amount of cavities (if its a HP) or the amount of molds.
Once the design has been determined and there is a 50% commitment of the minimum requirement as mentioned above then it goes to ACTIVE GROUP BUYS

Active Group Buys -> http://castboolits.gunloads.com/forumdisplay.php?55-Active-Group-Buys

Molds in this section have met the minimum commitment requirement to be active but haven't met the maximum mold limit.
Maximum mold limit is determined by the manufacturer (Mihec mostly). It could be the amount of HP pins he has on hand, or the amount of mold blocks or it could be that he has a empty machine that he can start the run on.
Once Mihec tells the honcho that they need to close it then it gets closed and moved to the Closed Buys/Waiting for delivery/in shipment

Closed Buys/Waiting for delivery/in shipment -> http://castboolits.gunloads.com/forumdisplay.php?56-Closed-Buys-Waiting-for-delivery-in-shipment

Molds in the section have met the max requirement and are currently in line to be machined.
Mihec will make a post in this thread when he sends out the PayPal invoices.
Mihec will also make a post with the tracking #s of the shipments as well.

That is pretty much a basic run down.
Honchos are basically just a salesman pushing the paperwork (no offense intended guys)
Honchos get a free mold for providing this service.
And before you all think you can be honchos, its not that easy as dealing with multiple members that seem to change their mind on a daily basis is a pain.
The exception in that rule is if a member doesn't want to use PayPal then they must contact the Honcho who then can determine if they want to be the middle man in the financial side of things.
Please keep in mind that Cast Boolits is just a meeting place and that the Forum or staff have no liability when it comes to Group Buys or for that matter any other sales that occur on CB.

01-01-2019, 10:24 AM
Thanks guys, think I got it now.

01-01-2019, 10:01 PM
There are (at least I think there are) still some NOE (Night Owl Enterprises), which is run by a great mold maker Al (Swede) Nelson.
His custom buys, to the extent they exist, require payment for the mold, even at the early discussion stage. Which is why, compared to the HIHEC molds, they have somewhat run out of favor with the honchos. Some of those honchos have run into trouble handling that money. Think of bank teller at the end of the day being 5 cents off in the till.

Miha (MP-Molds) doesn't require any financial payments for the molds, through all of the stages, right up until the time he has made the molds, and is ready to ship. Only at that time does he issue an invoice for payment. That's why the MP-Molds honchos (of which I am one) ask you for your disguised email address (so Miha can send out the PayPal invoice to that address). We also ask you for your zip code so that when he does ship all the molds, he can post the zip codes and tracking numbers of all of the buyers. It's easy that way to track and know where your mold is going through Customs., etc. The DHL shipment option for MP-Molds is a wonderful deal, and relatively inexpensive. I urge all MP-Molds group buy participants to ask for DHL shipping. It gets the molds delivered in DAYS instead of the weeks that shipments through Customs can sometimes take.

Also, Miha makes and offers HANDLES which fit his molds as well as Lee six cavity molds (and others). His normal handle price is 23 Euros, delivered. But, he offers the same handle, shipped with the mold, if you order it at the same time as ordering the mold, for 20 Euros, a nice savings. You are going to need a set of handles with the mold anyways, so why not save a couple bucks. In addition, we are running a HANDLES only group buy right now, and that will go fast. Limit of 100 handles in lots of 5 handles each, as many as you want. Buy will move to active area when we get to 50 handles (ten orders) and will close at 100 handles (20 orders).

Hope that adds to your (and other's) group buy knowledge.
Oh, and.... welcome to Cast Boolits, and the wonderful world of group buys. We (CB) are/is virtually unique in the on-line forums for these group buys. It's how I first made my way here, in 2009, at the suggestion of my friend in Massachusetts, Bob_J. He was one of my first reloading class students and quickly exceeded my own experience with casting boolits. He participated, as an instructor at my first free cast bullet workshop that I did a long time ago. At the time, he suggested CB as a place where I could get a custom mold for my 500 S&W Magnum, which was my first, but certainly not my last. So,. welcome, and I'm sure you will enjoy the wonderful friendships here, the endless knowledge offered, and the amazing molds to be purchased in these group buys.

01-01-2019, 10:09 PM
The MP-Molds Group Buys just require a little patience, and careful paperwork. And, daily review of the wishes of the audience. Overall, they aren't too bad to handle. But, GOSH, I can't even contemplate a group buy where I would have to keep track of payments, etc..... NIGHTMARISH, I would think.

Gotta say that several guys that ran group buys say they will never do it again for all the grief that comes with it.Robert

08-04-2019, 04:55 PM
Long time lurker on this forum. just got my eye on MPmolds and have one question.

I live in Sweden,,, are group buys US only? Or can i hop on the train?


08-04-2019, 06:35 PM
Long time lurker on this forum. just got my eye on MPmolds and have one question.

I live in Sweden,,, are group buys US only? Or can i hop on the train?

Anybody, anywhere is welcome to join the buys.