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05-26-2018, 09:00 AM
Hi all,
Have been following a few threads here and gaining in intelligonicity as I go. While I am looking for something that works, I am not really looking for something that will "magnumize" my revolvers, just something that has some power and that works.

I found out that conventional Felix lube doesn't work well to alleviate crud in the bore. While there was no leading, I still had major buildup of crud to the point that the cylinder became difficult to just slide in and out. My load was Lee 200 gr. RF lubed with homemade Felix Lube. I used a Lee 2.2 cc Dipper and tapped the cases on the table to get that level down ( the tapping did work). I believe my loads were what you would call compressed as the boolit in one case kept backing out before I had a chance to crimp these loads. I believe the lube was incorrect for starters. Also, this short little Lee boolit may be lacking in ability to hold much lube to begin with?
While I have never had problems using of the evil smokeless stuff with this lube it sure wasn't getting along well with the Black MZ.

So, My next big question is, do I need to go with a different boolit to hold more lube? I will be using some sort of BP lube next time! I looked at the "Dastardly Dick" Big Lube boolits but don't like how thin that mid section is. For one thing, It limits the weight of the slug and I suspect it may weaken the boolit? I see that NOE makes a mould for a slug that's labelled as a BP boolit for Colt BP . Has anyone had any luck with the Big Lube boolits or am I just looking for the "Magic Bean". OK, I may have used up all the ink in my computer with this long post so I'm going to end it here.

Thanks in advance,

05-26-2018, 11:37 AM
Newtire: I've had good results using the Accurate 45-259EB lubed with homemade lube (five parts bees wax, four parts olive oil) These being fired in 45 Colts. Gp

05-26-2018, 03:29 PM
Newtire: I've had good results using the Accurate 45-259EB lubed with homemade lube (five parts bees wax, four parts olive oil) These being fired in 45 Colts. Gp
thanks gp! I ordered one just now.

Dave T
05-26-2018, 10:34 PM
On another forum I've been told Black-MZ is re-namned American Pioneer Powder. I've also been told on the same forum that Black-MZ doesn't require any lube at all. I've been shooting cast bullets since 1971 and have a hard time believing that. The bullets I've been using in my Back-MZ testing so far are from Montana Bullet Works and only have one groove filled with blue lube. I've gotten a little leading just in front of the forcing cone but the barrels clean with a couple passes of a patch lubed with Ballisol (sp?).


05-26-2018, 11:53 PM
I really can't believe most of what I have seen written about the stuff on the net but I just know what I know from experience. I think it's great stuff and so do a few others as well. Really sludged up my ROA using smokeless lube and didn't work well in the one flintlocI tried it in. All my percussion guns love the stuff except for when I tried to shoot with the smokeless lube. I'm getting an accurate mould made for a boolit with a big lube groove. So, the jury is still out but it beats the shot out of Pyro-rust in my opinion. Some of the gun writers get paid to write articles and some of the stuff they write is not based on real world experience but their house payment is due just like ours. A few of us have found uses for it. It won't replace real black in all cirrcumstances but it's a good choice for when you are in a place like out hunting where you might not have a chance to clean the gun thoroughly and the clean up is pretty easy like you say. I don't like it's effect on brass but I threw mine into some soapy water & scrubbed it out. It still looks pretty stained so I'll give it a tumble in the brass vibrator . If that don't get it I'll try the ultra-sonic. That's it for me and writing tonight. I'm interested to hear from people, like you, who have actually used the stuff. I'll keep watching this thread for those reports.

08-11-2018, 08:27 AM
Haven't had a chance to look at the uniform velocities like other posters have. My work in the automotive industry keeps me busier than I like sometimes but it also keeps me able to survive. I'll have to revisit the Black MZ again in regards to uniformity. I can say for a certainty that it does a great job in shotgun loads. I read somewhere that a lot of the hoopla about higher velocity shotgun loads turns out to be just hoopla in the end and that the shot tends to slow down in a way so that the high speed and lower speed stuff tends to become more equal in speed than the more efficient conical projectiles do. I have been able to achieve a fairly good hit ratio with the stuff in shotgun loads out of muzzleloader type guns with no choke. Next time out at the Clay's range, I'll have to check it out in some shotgun loads out of a non-autoloader cartridge gun with full and modified chokes ( a Marlin M90). If the velocity variation thing in the article I referred to is true, then this might prove to be a useful application. Now, if it only doesn't eat the plastic like real black does..?