View Full Version : Active Group Buy Requirements

05-06-2018, 09:22 AM
Do not start a new thread in this section unless you are a Honcho.
You will know if you are because it will say "I AM A HONCHO" under your name.

All Active Group Buys (AGB) must meet the minimum standards as listed below

(1) Must of started in the "Discussion section" first with at least 50% commitment towards the minimum run as required by the mold makers
(2) If started on another forum, the link must be provided in the thread which is located in the HONCHO ONLY section
(3) If a rerun it can not of been run in the past 90 days (3 months) unless there is enough verifiable demand (see #1 above)

Group buy limit - No Honcho may have more then 5 Active Group Buys. This figure does not include closed group buys
If in any of the group buys the Honcho handles the money then the limit is 3 Active Group buys
A honcho may start additional Active Group Buys only if one or more of their current AGB has reached 90% commitment with a max of 5 AGB under 90% commitment