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Bent Ramrod
09-18-2017, 05:51 PM
I found this can at the Sacramento Gun Show back when it was a fabulous show where all kinds of Cool Stuff could be found. It was full, and cheap, and I thought my ship had come in for sure. A full can of DuPont No.1 Bulk Smokeless!

Unfortunately, it was full of Pyrodex P. I wasn't able to open the can at the show to check. Well, live and learn. I banged the stuff up in cap and ball pistols and kept the can for a memento.


Only certain cartridges could be loaded "bulk-for-bulk" for black powder, and some of the ones on the back of the can had recommended weights just like the powders of today. The notice on the bottom of the can that the powder could absorb and desorb moisture, and pressures could go up or down accordingly, was the way Big Corporations dealt with the Liability Issue back in those days. It was assumed that people knew what they were doing, and a word to the wise was sufficient.