View Full Version : Black Powder Substitute in Shiloh Sharps 1863

10-29-2015, 04:39 PM
I have a Shiloh .54 cal 1863 musket that I bought several years ago and never shot. I think I'm running into the same problem I had then: I can't find any black powder locally. Online, I would have to buy 5 pounds minimum apparently to ship. I really want to buy just a couple of pounds of 2Fg and some musket caps. Thought I would try some round ball first because it was cheaper.

Midway has some American Heritage 2Fg that has good reviews. Has anyone ever used this powder in a Shiloh Sharps? If so, does it misfire? I've read of misfires with Pyrodex on this forum.

Does a .535 diameter ball work with Shiloh grooves? What about lube? My cousin says to use anti seize on the breech block. How about bore butter for lube?