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I bought a OLD Stevens double barrel model 315 in 12 gauge it is in good shape and will be shot . The only date on it is a patent Date of April 20, 1915 I found the model number by looking in a older gun parts catalog and comparing parts a internet search has given me very little information. I am looking for what dates this gun was made most of all . The chamber measures at about 2.8 inches and has a long taper to the bore .
Thank you for any help you can give i have other Stevens/Savage Stevens but this is the first time i have ran into a model 315.

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does anyone have a reference that would give you the start and end date of the stevens model 315 in 410 ?

The late shotgun researcher and writer, Joseph T. Vorisek In his book "The Breech Loading Shotgun In America 1865 to 1940" Volume III, Page 277 lists two versions of the Stevens Model 315. One says "Old Model 315 (Riverside Arms Company) Made in 12.16, 20 gauge and .410 bore with 26,28, 30 04 32 inch steel barrels. Made from 1910 to 1939 and ON PAGE 278 New Model 315. Higher Grade New Model 315. Manufactured 1935 to 1959. As it doesn't say one way or the other, I have to assume that the New Model was made in the same gauges and bore with the same barrel lengths.

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J Stevens Arms Company 315 double barrel 12 gauge.


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ok, hammerless double, 30", double trigger, 12 gauge, patent date Apr 20 1915, "Stevens Arms Company".

J Stevens Arms Company makes the gun 1920 to 1940.

The Apr 20 1915 patent makes it a pre WW1 design.

Double trigger, boxlock hammerless.

With that description we get down to two models. You need to measure the length of the upper tang that extends from the receiver into the stock.

The model 315 has a 2 5/8" Tang
The model 515 has a Tang of 2 7/8"

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Question: Stamped on the Stevens Model 355, and its successor Model 335 hammerless boxlock guns, I see the patent date Mar 19,1907. On the Stevens Model 330 and Riverside No. 315 and Springfield No. 311, which are also boxlock hammerless models, I see stamped the words Patented April 20, 1915. On some Stevens’ Riverside No. 215 hammer doubles is stamped Patented Feb 10,1914 . Were these Patents owned by Stevens? What features do these patents protect. and when were these patent dates stamped on the guns? Knowing this would help me to identify models and estimate their dates of manufacture. As you know, because no Savage ( including Savage/Stevens/Fox/ Baker/Davis/Crescent) factory production records have survived, getting a sure fix on Stevens doubles’ models and dates can be difficult. Did these patents issue on the dates noted or did they take effect when the patents were ‘applied for’? Did they expire after 17 years? Hope this is within your realm of expertise. Thank you. FS<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--><!--[endif]-->
Interesting question! I have researched this and can try to offer you some information on patents used by Stevens. Remember, the patents were good, unless invalidated, for 17 years after being granted. Sometimes the patent application process was ‘dragged out’ to keep the patented invention under control of the owner for a longer period. Dates and brief descriptions of the three Stevens patents you mention in your letter follow. These were very important patents to Stevens!:
March 19,1907 = #847,659 Ed Elder to J Stevens A&T Co. cocking lever trigger plate on hammerless boxlocks 1907-1914 Stevens (335, 365), also "Pat appl’d for" 2 years previous to 1907.
<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> February 10,1914 = # 1,086,378 George S Lewis to J Stevens A&T Co. plunger strikers (firing pins) with coil springs and pivoted triggers on hammer boxlocks, 1914 -1928 and "Pat appl’d for" two years previous to 1914. Models Stevens (225), Riverside (215).
April 20,1915 = #1,136,247 George S Lewis to J Stevens A&T Co. one piece cast frame, combination cocking lever and extractor on hammerless boxlocks 1915-1932, doubles stamped "Pat appl’d for" and ‘patent pending’ several years before 1915: Models marked: Riverside (311,315) Springfield (311,315), Stevens, Eastern Arms , Central Arms, many other private brands.

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Thank you Wilco I did several searches and came up with some of that only the dates is what i was really curious about .
I was worried some fooled rereamed the chambers but i do not think so now as they are under 3" . Weather is bad here by next week i should shoot the gun.

01-04-2015, 09:18 PM
Thank you Wilco....

You're welcome. Keep us posted.

01-05-2015, 04:25 PM
Despite single digit temps and sub zero wind chills i fired the gun a few times patterned it in the snow it shoots a pretty tight pattern . When i get some nice weather i will check on paper for more accurate results but from what i see i would not want to use it on a rabbit at 30 yards there would be little left. The loads were factory 1 oz. # 8 shot and some 1 1/8 # 9 reloads it will be a great pest control gun around the yard . I bet it was a good duck gun before steel shot mandates! If i take up turkey hunting this would be the gun to use.

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Man-0-man! That's a howitzer!