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05-29-2012, 11:09 AM
This has been posted and is the standard set way back in 2009. We are increasingly getting less and less info in the initial posts and we need to return to our standard. We don't want to be belligerent, but if the standards are not met, we will start moving posts back to the discussion forum until such time as they meet the format rules.

Please refresh your memory and update any threads you have accordingly.


GB Honcho respnsibilities and information

There is a common procedure for ALL GB Honcho's, whether the Honcho is the company producing the mould, or an individual board member. This is:

1) In the FIRST post to an ACTIVE GB the following information should be listed;
A) The design (picture or discription)
B) Options available, if any and prices.
C) Mould prices if more then one is offered
D) Payment options
E) Target number of moulds
F) Projected end date (can certainly be changed)

2) Also in the FIRST or SECOND post shall be listed the zip codes for payments recieved. They should NOT be scattered throughout the pages of posts. It's desired that these be kept as up to date as possible. Ken (45nut) will alter the Honcho's ability to be able to edit their posts as long as the GB is ACTIVE.

3) Work it out yourself how you would care to handle it, but somehow we would like to eliminate posts to an active GB of, "I sent my check, I paid via Pay-Pal, My MO is on the way". These type messages should be PM's to the Honcho.

03-28-2018, 08:45 PM
Honcho's, if your group buy is closed send me a PM with the link to the group buy and I will move it.

03-31-2018, 11:33 AM
ACTIVE GROUP BUY means just that ACTIVE - if there hasn't been a post in your Group Buy thread in 60 days, then its not really ACTIVE is it.
I am spending the day cleaning up the Active Group Buy section.