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  1. Star top punch thread size
  2. Magma star users,
  3. Setting up a Star Sizer
  4. How do the Star lube/sizers work?
  5. Problem with Star Lubrizier
  6. Tell me about "Magnacast" I think it is sizers
  7. Ballisticast Mark VI vs. Magma Star
  8. Star Lube/Sizer and Gas Check Seating?
  9. air feed with the star lubrisizer
  10. Star luber&sizer
  11. New Star vs Ballsit-Cast Lube/sizer
  12. Star ran out of lube...
  13. Magma-Star Lubri-sizer O-Ring?
  14. Parts for Star sizer?
  15. ebay is still hooking the guys in on Star lubers
  16. I guess I made a Star die
  17. Using Master Caster
  18. I just noticed something interesting...
  19. Lyman heater/Star luber sizer
  20. Star lubrisizer question
  21. Star lubesizer question
  22. Star Sizer ??????
  23. Master Caster from Magma-?
  24. Star Boolit Feeder
  25. New Star Die received...
  26. Star Lubrisizer
  27. Star Sizer Questions...
  28. Star vs. RCBS questions
  29. Help: Star sizer
  30. Star Sizer Spring and Lube question
  31. A couple things I noticed about my Star
  32. Magma Master Caster
  33. Star Sizing Dies
  34. Just bought a Star Sizer, more questions
  35. Star lube Sizer vs. Magma Lube sizer
  36. star bullet feed
  37. Star Lube Sizer Question
  38. yet another Star Luber-Sizer question. :)
  39. Star Luber-Sizer "Tutorial" needed . . . .
  40. Star disassembly?
  41. Star Sizer question
  42. Magma Star Sizer
  43. Star Sizer lube blobs driving me crazy!
  44. Star sizer dies, where to buy?
  45. Magma Lube Master problems
  46. Rough bullet surface after Star lubing
  47. Star Sizer Accesories
  48. Value of a star sizer
  49. Star sizer dies
  50. Tips and Tricks for the Star Lube Sizer?
  51. Star vs Ballisticast Mark VI luber
  52. magma prices
  53. Magma Star customer service ?
  54. Rifle Bullets, Gas Checks and a Star Lubri-sizer
  55. Star lube air feed, what pressure setting ?
  56. Info on old Star Lubrisizer?
  57. Star Lube air cylinder
  58. Star Sizer questions
  59. Star vs. Phelps
  60. Broken Phelps Sizer handle
  61. My "New" Star Sizer
  62. My Star is ozing
  63. Magma/Star sizers
  64. Heater for my Star Sizer
  65. Star Sizer Questions
  66. Got a Star Sizer today!
  67. Happy with Star Lubersizer
  68. Discovered a new way to "evecuate" a Star sizer
  69. Star sizer dies
  70. Which Star accessories to get?
  71. A question or two on Star Sizers
  72. Is there a source for the Star decal?
  73. star sizer die removal tool
  74. Please help with Star sizer issues
  75. Star Lubricator/Sizer
  76. Which Star dies go with these new Lyman molds?
  77. anyone here open up star dies?
  78. Difference in Original Star and Magma Star?
  79. Star Lubrisizer Question
  80. magma master caster
  81. You guys with Star sizers, riddle me this......
  82. Thinking of selling my Master Caster
  83. Star cleaning question
  84. Star setup question
  85. cant tweak star sizer
  86. Star Air Lube Cylinder Question
  87. Star and SAECO
  88. Star Top Punch Question
  89. INtsalli GC on a Star
  90. Another Master Caster Question
  91. Star dies and punches
  92. Another die for my Star
  93. Observations on making dies for Star machines
  94. I lied, it took 3 minutes to draw the star die
  95. Making Star dies--My Methods
  96. Star Lube resevior funnel
  97. Star luber question???
  98. Star sizing dies
  99. More Star Die Questions
  100. Star sizer locked up
  101. Star dies that I make
  102. Star Lube-Sizer Project
  103. neccessity is the mother of invention right? Using non-Star Dies in your Star sizer
  104. Star Heater?
  105. Fair Price For A Star lubri/Sizer?
  106. Star lube sizer sold for $266 used.
  107. star sizer and master caster
  108. Star "Top" Punches
  109. Changed my mind on Master Caster
  110. Star Lubesizer Die Removal Question
  111. A dumb question about that Star pneumatic thing-a-ma-bob??
  112. Is the type of Lube critical when using the Stat Lubsizer?
  113. Is it my bullet mold or my star luber ???
  114. STAR sizer questions...
  115. Lathesmiths Star sizer dies
  116. Star lubesizer.
  117. Another Star lubesizer question
  118. Star lubesizer!
  119. Finally got my Star Lubesizer to work Properly.
  120. Even MORE star sizer ???'s
  121. Star Lubesizer, original vs Magma ?
  122. star sizer 7mm
  123. Star Sizing Die
  124. Star Bullet Feed Tubes
  125. Tip for STAR luber-sizer
  126. AFTER they fall through...what then?
  127. New handle for Star sizer
  128. Star Sizer, Bullet Feed Video
  129. Removing shot from Star Sizer dies
  130. Star sizer die removal?
  131. 'Ol timer with Star sizer
  132. Magma boolit feeder
  133. Add-ons for my Star Luber-sizer
  134. Setup for a Star Magma Sizer
  135. Cold bullets--another Star adjustment variable
  136. Someone had to do it. Motorized Star.
  137. Star lubing rate?
  138. Star sizer instructions?
  139. Base-First sizing in a Star??
  140. Magma's Master Pot Electronic Temp Controller
  141. A Star question...
  142. Help - Star Luber Problem
  143. The madness has reached Star
  144. Need Help Star lube sizer Heated base
  145. Talk me into a Star
  146. star air pressure lube thing
  147. Star orders in the fast lane
  148. Star Die Extractor Dimensions
  149. Star sizer and gas checks
  150. Magma/Star Sizer questions
  151. Star Sizer
  152. at a total loss on setting up my star
  153. Star luber question
  154. What's This Star Luber Worth?
  155. Any interest in a STAR Luber Page?
  156. Magma Star Lubrisizer
  157. Star Luber/Sizer Mounting Question
  158. Star Sizer
  159. Star Sizer/Luber Die Removal Techniques
  160. does somebody here make star dies?
  161. my star die .45 acp is .452???
  162. Star Questions
  163. star bullet sizer questions...
  164. Ballisti-Cast luber sizer...like it?
  165. It appears that the search function is down: Star lube-sizer problems? Birdshot in?
  166. Star sizer question/problem
  167. O-rings for Magma Star Sizer
  168. Finally! Star lubrisizer
  169. Star Sizer ?
  170. Ran a few boolits through a new-to-me Star...
  171. Dies for Magma Lube Master
  172. Star bullet feeder problem
  173. ? for Star users
  174. Who made the Star-like sizer dies?
  175. Star Lube Sizer?
  176. Help with Star sizer... again
  177. Old star sizer looks different than new one a little?
  178. Now I've done it, got a old Star sizer and some other goodies
  179. Star heater
  180. Star + Lyman Heater, will Star Bullet feed fit?
  181. Magna Star...
  182. Star Lube Sizer?
  183. Star Sizer die housing O-ring
  184. San Diego Star Sizer
  185. Star lubersizer
  186. Star sizer and lube
  187. Arrghhh... my Star is giving me fits!! *$*%# !!
  188. Seeing this video almost makes me want a boolit feeder for the Star...almost
  189. Star lubrisizer question
  190. Star Sizer Disassembly
  191. My new star
  192. I bent the handle of a Star sizer
  193. star lubesizer
  194. Ballisti-cast equipment?
  195. Star Bullet Feed
  196. Star Bullet Catcher
  197. Lubing a Star Lubrisizer
  198. Star sizer
  199. Star mods possible ?
  200. Questions - air fed star sizer
  201. Scratched Star Sizer Die
  202. Star or Ballisti-Cast Mark VI sizer
  203. Anyone ever used a Ballisti cast automated sizer?
  204. Cross Ref for Star dies
  205. broke star press
  206. i joined the star club !!!
  207. star help needed
  208. star pusher thread pitch ?
  209. Anyone not like their Star luber
  210. Star accessories
  211. Master Caster By Magma
  212. My new Star
  213. Star Heater
  214. star lube sizer
  215. It Is ALIVE! Automated Master Caster
  216. Got my Star!!!!! well... almost
  217. Question about Star Sizer
  218. Star Sizer may cause blindness
  219. New Star Sizer..No fun.
  220. Star will not lube grooves
  221. So I bit the bullet
  222. Happy Days
  223. Star Lubsizer Dies and bullet punch question
  224. Bullet feeder for Star sizer
  225. Mold Pricing and advice - Magma Master Caster
  226. Having set-up problem with my Star
  227. Star sizer air mod
  228. Star Lube Sizer Air Feed for Lube Completed & Successful
  229. Star punch?
  230. Using the Star Today
  231. Star die removal without the tool?
  232. Star Die no drill lube hole plugs.
  233. Star Sizer catch bin?
  234. Star lubesizer project
  235. Star - first outing
  236. Master Caster - comments please
  237. Need Quick Help!
  238. Star Sizer Issues (what a surprise).....
  239. Diy Star Heater
  240. Midway's heater base for Star just as good as Magma's?
  241. Dimensions on magma star heated base
  242. Star problem
  243. Star find at Gun Show!
  244. Star Die hole question
  245. star sizer
  246. star sizer bleeding on nose of bullet
  247. Favorite Star Tip goes here
  248. Star Lube Die to larger size
  249. Successful Air Feed for Star (Under $10)
  250. Age of Star Lube Sizer