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  1. Creation vs. Creationism
  2. Welcome to the place to discuss your deep ideas
  3. Theology forum
  4. An Infinite, Loving God
  5. So why is it.
  6. Jesus says, buy a sword?
  7. Got An Answer
  8. Pondering Independence Day
  9. Considering Repentance
  10. Faith
  11. For thought and meditation
  12. Denominational Issues
  13. To quick to the scratch
  14. Intercession
  15. Appeal for Peace
  16. Matthew 16:18 Peter the rock?
  17. Prodigal Son Contemporized
  18. Do we have room for overt sinners in our Churches?
  19. Concerning Education
  20. Why Moses and Elijah?
  21. How to discuss theology effectively!
  22. I am blessed? Are you blessed? I want to be blessed more!
  23. Do you suppose you are immune?
  24. Balum
  25. The conversion of an atheist by his own efforts!
  26. Do you fully agree with your church's doctrine?
  27. Does God really answer all PRAYERS
  28. AED..arrested emotional development
  29. Judgement
  30. Abraham's Journey of Faith
  31. Born in Sin, or conceived in sin
  32. Heaven vs Heavens
  33. Satan, Evil Spirits, and Devils
  34. The World, Jesus and How We Live
  35. Happy Reformation Day
  36. Do you give 10% to your church?
  37. Where are you at? Pt.2
  38. Prodigal Son Explained
  39. When are you done?
  40. Strength of your faith
  41. Talk to me about faith
  42. Father, forgive them
  43. Judgmentalism
  44. Fear or lack of it
  45. Did Moses change GOD's mind ?
  46. I hesitate to post this, but...
  47. I hesitate to post this, but...
  48. God hardens hearts?
  49. Does scripture insist on a physical Second Coming?
  50. How would you respond?
  51. Hypothetical question.
  52. 1st Timothy 3 and the calling of elders
  53. Why no church besides Sunday mornings?
  54. Asking for your thoughts: John 3
  55. Is eternal life given only to believers?
  56. Thoughts on the lake... rev. 21 v 8
  57. Selfishness/fear as religious motivation
  58. Large interfaith meeting in Dubai
  59. Can one be faithful without quoting scripture?
  60. Got banned on a Christian site; end times and Christian leftists?
  61. Inspired
  62. Question on John 3:3
  63. 2nd question on John 3:3
  64. Question on John 3 v 5,6
  65. Resurrection Day
  66. Why are the only good Muslims, moderate Muslims?
  67. In the beginning....
  68. Divorce and suicide
  69. How do you choose what parts to follow?
  70. Honoring the fallen
  71. Independence, and The King!
  72. The Paradigm
  73. Beware of those quoting scripture.
  74. How many realize?
  75. Why faith is so difficult....Cain murders Able
  76. The Bible.... Myth, Real, or Both?
  77. Perspective from athiests/agnostics
  78. Consider ....Temperance
  79. Monumental: In Search of America's National Treasures
  80. I'm a pagan too
  81. Thanks to all the sensible ones.
  82. Where do they come from?
  83. Luke 12:49-53
  84. Two species of humanity
  85. A Man Who Explains God and Christ
  86. The or A, True Conversion Experience
  87. God created evil
  88. If aliens exist would that affect your religious beliefs?
  89. Is the sacrifice of Jesus over rated?
  90. Blaise Pascal
  91. Remember the Prophecy
  92. Mixed Metaphor
  93. Open Theism
  94. why belief in God matters to kids....
  95. I like this... Interview
  96. The people who accept Jesus
  97. Just when was the Christ born?
  98. When is a lie a sin
  99. Homosexuality and God
  100. Is there fishing in Heaven
  101. What Soil Type are You
  102. Interesting Biblical passage
  103. "The most important question?"
  104. Simplicity and willfulness
  105. Between 65 And Death
  106. I know that most of us here are Theists
  107. Meaning of being born of the Spirit of God
  108. Does it matter?
  109. Evangelism?
  110. Your church has a message for you
  111. What is it???
  112. The Holy Ghost
  113. On what day of the week did the Crucifixion of Jesus take place?
  114. COVID-19 & Easter Services
  115. After the Resurrection - The next 40 days
  116. Do you believe in Karma
  117. Why Have Church Assemblies?
  118. "Talking" to God
  119. Is the word of God absolute????
  120. The Gospel according to Luke
  121. When did/will the new covenant begin?
  122. The battle between good and evil
  123. Moral rant
  124. The death penalty
  125. You will find no evil in God, just as you will find no ice cream in a rock.
  126. Demons, Ghosts and Paranormal activity
  127. "What is the gospel?
  128. "Christ died for our sins"..............
  129. "Is Jesus THE Christ?"
  130. "Did Jesus Rise from the Grave?"
  131. The Land of Nod and the origin of the different Races
  132. Are we living in the end times?
  133. Are you ready for the Rapture?
  134. Who did you feed today?
  135. A New Earth?
  136. What have you accomplished? What will be your legacy on Earth?
  137. Is your church like this?
  138. 7-mindful-quotes-by-confucius
  139. All Sin the Same
  140. The age old question
  141. Fruits of the spirit
  142. Do you believe in hell?
  143. Do you know who said theses things?
  144. WOW! Actor Jim Caviezel GOES OFF on Milquetoast Christian Leaders and Cancel Culture
  145. Is the soul of man eternal?
  146. Do you believe our current political polarization is spiritual?
  147. On the various Baptist congregations
  148. Does God provide blessings to countries of good faith?
  149. Does God expect us to be charitable?
  150. Something to consider - religion vs Christianity
  151. Interesting book I'm reading
  152. predestination
  153. lets see some action on this page.
  154. Justice, Mercy, and Grace
  155. Are you ready for the Anti-christ?
  156. "Ask and you will receive".....
  157. Playbook for "End times" right from the Lords lips
  158. eternal life...
  159. Desires of the heart
  160. Prayer requests
  161. When it's hard to trust the Lord
  162. Will we be next target of Big Tech?
  163. The Apocrypha
  164. Question on being born of the Spirit
  165. A matter of faith
  166. The Devil in mass production
  167. Nostradamus
  168. A Song that touches your heart...
  169. The Word is sufficient
  170. God, the killer
  171. Birth of the Spirit of God; i.e. , born again...
  172. Opinions needed
  173. Is Texas where the GREAT REVIVAL is to start?
  174. Personal demons
  175. The Harbinger books
  176. Interviews with Father Malachi
  177. god created man and the universe
  178. The AntiChrist
  179. Thank You
  180. Prophetic Dreams
  181. Triptych Architecture
  182. giants in those days (genesis 6.4)
  183. The Third Day
  184. Reincarnation
  185. Joining Of The Sticks
  186. Is Volodymyr Zelenskyy the Anti-Christ?
  187. Can God ask too much?
  188. Thousand year Reign of Christ
  189. The spiritual resurrection and the physical resurrection of John 5 and Rev 20
  190. A Short Treatise on the Nature of Truth
  191. An added thought on the 1000 year Reign of Christ
  192. When Did This Idea of a Rapture Come From?
  193. The NEW Jerusalem
  194. Things To Ponder
  195. Are you a Christian First?
  196. Two Witnesses
  197. Are we chosen to be Christians?
  198. In Big Matters And In Small Things
  199. Judges
  200. Godís testing
  201. Hallowed Be Thy Name
  202. 2 Timothy 4:1-5
  203. Prophecy Central
  204. Do you pray?
  205. Are You Free, a Slave, or a Servant?
  206. Coincidence - or not?
  207. September 11th Or The 29th ?
  208. 9000 Year Old City Found Near Jerusalem
  209. Dr. Thomas Horn
  210. Euthanasia....
  211. Gobekli Tepe
  212. Pastor a Homeless Man In Front Of His Own Church?!
  213. Is the TV show, "The Good Place" blasphemous?