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  1. lead bullets coated with polymer paint
  2. Bullet Kote
  3. Powder Coating Boolits
  4. Candy coated boolits
  5. Powder Coated Bullet Crimping
  6. PC Gun options.
  7. more coatings
  8. Zombie ammo
  9. Powder Coating Question
  10. Does anyone know what this guy uses to coat and color?
  11. Powder coating with teflon and its legalities
  12. any tried HBN and epoxy paint coating.
  13. HFPC Boolits..Piglet Method
  14. simple Hi-Tek coating
  15. Tell me about powder coating boolits....
  16. Powder coatted some boolits today :)
  17. epoxy coat
  18. Which has least effect on accuracy-Powder coating or Hi-Tek coating?
  19. New sub section?
  20. Powder Coat Piglet style VS Klass Kote
  21. Powdercoat jig thread
  22. Weight (i.e. grains) & velocity change of Bullets after powder coating, Hi-Tek, etc
  23. spraying hfpc
  24. Powder coating question, perhaps an easy solution
  25. Powder Coating 101 - Electrostatic Method
  26. Pics- How accurate are Powder coated, or Hi-tek coated boolits
  27. hi-tech coating limits?
  28. Powder coating residue in barrel... what do you clean it with?
  29. Fresh From The Oven
  30. Range report on HFPC
  31. 2 part epoxy on 9mm cast bullets, got some done.
  32. Epoxy coating bullets, what's your method?
  33. How much paint per boolit?
  34. Powder coat, and sticking to the pan ?
  35. hi-tek and gas checks
  36. $10 epoxy coat can it be done? lets find out
  37. Range report on Piglet method
  38. A plea to the MODS.....
  39. Appliance Epoxy in the spray can ? Is it working for you?
  40. 308 Powder Coated Boolits
  41. Help with PC'd nose ride profile
  42. powder coating with gun? is it the best way?
  43. For you POWDER COATING guys, let me try to save you some money via cardinalpaint.com
  44. Powder Coating and Accuracy ??
  45. Tried a different epoxy brand paint today, and it worked well. Do I need a gas check?
  46. RESULTS of 45-70 300Gr GC... Pc'ed.. NO GC.. at 1583 FPS
  47. Between Klass Kote and $10 epoxy
  48. easy PC
  49. Powder Coat Piglet method - 1st try with results
  50. Rifle test Hi-Tek coating
  51. Smoke4320 is a Straight Shooter!
  52. Epoxy coating success!
  53. Epoxy coaters, do you bake between each coat?
  54. Pictures of my easy PC
  55. powder coat
  56. Eastwood Powder Impressions?
  57. Hi-tec coating on .44 mag revolvers?
  58. PC bullet questions
  59. Epoxy, PC, whatever rifle boolit accuracy???
  60. Which process should I use? Hi Tek go Powder coat?
  61. Powder coating 300blkout
  62. Raspberries
  63. HI-TEK super coat and the 38 special
  64. I'm hooked
  65. Rangefinder's PC Tumbler Method
  66. PC- same load as for standard lube?
  67. Powder coating bullets using tumbler and steel shot
  68. Color Coated Rifle Bullets (MCC2)
  69. New wrinckle to my easy pc.
  70. Just ordered a pound of powder
  71. Moderators: Powder Coat sub-thread under Bullet Lube?
  72. powder coated boolits
  73. Ye Powder-coaters... HELP!!!!
  74. Epoxy coating rifle boolits
  75. Which Mold type for Hi-Tek lubing?
  76. Enamel coated boolits
  77. .45 swc and powder coat or epoxy paint and piglet method
  78. Will this work well for powder coating and/or polymer paint?
  79. Another possible source
  80. Powder Coat Tray Setup
  81. Odd request on powder coating.
  82. PC and sizing- what's your sequence?
  83. My experience with VHT
  84. PC Hollow Points
  85. Powder Coating, first attempt.............
  86. IMHO we NEED a new forum!
  87. Rifle accuracy with PC
  88. Klass Kote before and after
  89. Baking PC Question
  90. First try with HF Electrostatic gun
  91. Bore riding and coatings
  92. Pc Soften Lead?
  93. Real Accuracy (2 moa or less) with Coated Rifle Bullets at 1800 fps or greater.
  94. dry tumble powder coating?
  95. Anybody tried the New Liquid Powder
  96. You knew someone would try this..........
  97. Finaly, A process that I am happy with!
  98. NEW FORUM: Epoxy, powder coating, plating and all such boolit coverings
  99. Tip for PCing rifle boolits
  100. AK47 cast bullet size?
  101. Cleaning question?
  102. It really works!
  103. PC thickness?
  104. My attempt at powder coating
  105. Lets hope they shoot!
  106. Plated Bullets vs Cast Boolits
  107. ar15 pc'd 1st round accuracy
  108. No more PC for me....
  109. Sizing Hi-Tek coated boolits - HELP!
  110. Almost out of PPG DTL105 thinner........
  111. Do you expand case mouth with PC?
  112. Anyone use IR light to set powder coat?
  113. Anyone shooting PC pistol caliber in polygonal barrels?
  114. PC'd loads same as jaxteted?
  115. Different brands of PC
  116. Strange problem encountered with PD'd bullets
  117. Hf pink pc
  118. Has PC allowed you to go softer with your handgun alloy? (didn't see a thread on it)
  119. Has anyone tried this? (Epoxy/hBN coating lube/jacket)
  120. use caution with vibrating tumbler and acetone!
  121. Gas checks before or after?
  122. PBTP neon pink bullets
  123. Tray Ideals
  124. Coated bullet accuracy
  125. I have a question about bases, noses, and powder coating.
  126. I shot my first .45 Colt and .38 Special PC'ed bullets today.
  127. I'm Going in With Both Feet
  128. Been gone for a while, come back and you guys are painting boolits!
  129. Enhansing static electric charge in dry tumbling pc?
  130. Has anyone tried doing a dry powder coat with clear paint?
  131. First attempt at PP cast
  132. Coating GC rifle boolits... specifically, .30 cal
  133. PSA on preheating for powder coating.
  134. First try
  135. 9mm Powder coat vs Jacketed in Pistol and Carbine
  136. Powder Sources
  137. painting boolits?
  138. How do I ream out grease rings in molds?
  139. Ok you talked me into it. I am going to try PC some 223's
  140. Leading, powder buildup?
  141. Water Drop PC
  142. Harbor Freight 1/3hp 3 gal Pancake Compressor - $49.99
  143. Build-up
  144. Cover me I'm goin in.
  145. having a few issues with my pc boolits
  146. Casca's SHAKE & Bake powder coat
  147. Sshooting plated 300 blackout
  148. HF ESPC bullets video example
  149. .401 1 groove vs 6 lee molds for powder coating method
  150. Coating cracking and flaking. Whats the cause.
  151. Powder coating
  152. Where do we stand on coating gas checks?
  153. recovered powder coat bullets?
  154. Recovered PC Boolits
  155. Polyurethane???
  156. Attempted to dry powder coat some boolits today
  157. My powder coating adventure today
  158. Powder Coat Question
  159. pc bullets in Glock barrels
  160. Definitive List - What powders work and what powders don't
  161. Teflon powder
  162. harbor freight white powder coating dry tumbled
  163. Must be a rush on HF Red!
  164. SHOT Show Conversation > Powder Coating
  165. Free toaster oven in Ballard
  166. Oster convection oven at Costco $39.99
  167. HF PC Matte Black vs other colors
  168. I love This Stuff
  169. Non-stick pans
  170. Powder coating to enlarge undersize bullits
  171. copper plating vs powder coating RE gas checks
  172. Am I not using enough powder
  173. Benefits for specific applications; PC v. Electro Plating
  174. pc boolits real dirty
  175. Enamel painted boolits?
  176. 1st successful dry tumble results
  177. PC Boolits take 2
  178. Powder coating for subsonics
  179. Powder coating boolits
  180. New Batch of ESPC
  181. NEW-----"scientific" info on HF black being abrasive
  182. First powder coat
  183. Plain base vs gas check with coated. Velocity AND pressure
  184. Is dry coating in a small container an indoor sport?
  185. Harbor Freight powder coat gun and powder on sale
  186. help oal
  187. Comparing velocity of coated boolits
  188. Question about length of time dry coating
  189. Dry tumbling but getting two problems
  190. I think I found what I will like best about PCing.
  191. 6.5mm Swed Cruise Missles
  192. s&w 500
  193. Enamel coating boolits?
  194. PBTP question
  195. Factory Ammo PC'd ????
  196. I just got my HFPC gun and I have questions
  197. Big Thanks to the ES PC gun recomendations
  198. Head to head comparisons, PC versus lube;accuracy, velocity, consistency
  199. My first castings and their PC attempt
  200. safe barrel twist for pc bullets
  201. first time powder coating = need help
  202. has anyone tried shooting powder coated boolits from desert eagle
  203. Has anyone tried coating a JACKETED bullet?
  204. Powder Coating follow-up & a bit of 'this and that'
  205. First time casting and powder coating *Pic heavy*
  206. copper colored PC
  207. Boolite coating What is the best?
  208. First time success!
  209. Starting on PC fixture...
  210. high or low humidity for DT?
  211. incomplete coat - still no leading.
  212. My first run of dry tumbled Harbor Freight red.
  213. First tries...
  214. About ready to try ES some ?
  215. Lead vs hi tek vs PC
  216. Ran into another problem
  217. Oven question. Opinions wanted
  218. Is the flat black powdercoat abrasive?
  219. What do you Cast/size your 9mm powdercoated bullets to?
  220. Looking for info and advice
  221. PC area
  222. Moly
  223. Question on HF powder coating gun
  224. Tumble PC do TL designes work better?
  225. PBTP - What colors are working for you?
  226. BP and PC??
  227. #5 plastic cottage cheese tub...the bomb!
  228. Is there a best mold design for PC?
  229. First time Powder Coating with Harbor Freight powders. Decent results.
  230. slug and buckshot
  231. An aside, PC related
  232. My way for powder coating after MANY TRIES
  233. coating boolets for black powder
  234. Extra Cup for HF ES Guns
  235. First attempt
  236. Powder coat & Casting newbie question
  237. To Gas Check or Not Gas Check
  238. smooth boolits?????
  239. 300 gn 45's....ready to play checkers
  240. Hi-Tek Coating question.
  241. Question will Rust-Oleum 248903 Automotive High Heat 2000 Degree Spray Paint work?
  242. Powdercoating rack
  243. Electic powder coating questions
  244. Dedicated PC molds
  245. My ES PC fixture system. Nail head method.
  246. PC and .357sig- dimensional change benefits and drawbacks
  247. curing ovens for pc
  248. What do you use to lube bullets to size before PC ?
  249. Powder coat is tough!
  250. Shooting USPSA/ STEEL Challenge with dry tumble coated bullet