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View Poll Results: Do you think a SA revolver makes a good self-defense handgun?

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  • Yes.

    335 34.50%
  • No. The fact that they are SA, have slow reloads, bulky hammers, etc… makes them a poor choice.

    119 12.26%
  • If that is what you feel comfortable with then go for it.

    517 53.24%
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Thread: Single Action revolvers for self-defense?

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    Jul 2013
    The Pacific NorthWet
    lazs - there was a gent who worked for HK, who had an AC-556 (NFA Mini 14 variant) as a sample to show clients, at work; Some motorcycle gang members decided to pick a fight with him, that's "the exception that proves the rule"; He had a fair bit of ammo & I suspect he wanted about 5x more by the time that was over. Plus I suspect he'd have liked some backup! Let me look for it... Found it, look up the "Gary Fadden incident", with some Outlaws motorcycle gang members. He was tried for second-degree murder, but he was found innocent on grounds of self-defense. That'd be a high stress day... That one DEFINITELY lasted more than 5 rounds, and even included a NFA firearm.

    For myself - I carry 1911 family in city and often revolver in the boonies, bears are better picked on with a revolver with heavier loads being the idea. I picked the 3rd option because, if the shooter does their part, the handgun will too.

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    Boolit Master

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    Sep 2016
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    I carry my avatar gun when in grizzly territory and the Glock G29 10mm when in wolf and stupid redneck territory. I prefer the capacity and faster shooting and size/weight of the G29. But hard to argue with 300gr hardcast boolits for bigger critters...
    "Luck don't live out here. Wolves don't kill the unlucky deer; they kill the weak ones..." Jeremy Renner in Wind River

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    Check out Sept. 27, 1989 the Rangers from JBLM had a ‘lil dust up with the Hilltop Crips. I know some of the people who were there and we all talked about this one for a while afterwards.

    I carry a Colt’s SAA for daily wear.

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    Unequivocal Facts = SA Revolvers in cf cals , typically hold 5 or 6 rounds . Reloading during a shooting encounter unlikely, to the point of being discounted .

    My observations & opinions = I don't obsess over the number of rounds in the gun . I like revolvers, and my prefered 9mm and .45acp are single stacks . I DO feel strongly about combined round count on person , both additional ammo and/ or additional guns . ( I may be statistical freak , but I knew people who reloaded mid gun , and who ran out of ammo before the fight ended .)

    I do not obsess over teeny tiny guns . Think K frames , and +/- 4in bbl full size autos. While I may be a big guy , it is more a matter my customary apparel lends to dressing around the gun(s).

    In that light , a 3.5 inch Vaquero in an El Paso pancake is similar to conceal.

    A SAA or Blackhawk points very naturally. I am outspoken in favor of almost always visually indexing if not aiming ( semantics alert ) , but even then , the better the gun naturally indexes, the quicker to a solid hit .

    A SA Rev is at least as fast, usually faster to solid first shot HIT , than DA revolver equipped with grips well fitting my hand.

    A DA revolver is faster for doing a "cylinder dump" into a single stationary large target , but for an at least moderately skilled shooter, a SA is still reasonably quick for follow up . And transitioning targets , or shooting at longer distances the difference narrows to disappears.

    But what about that inescapable issue I mentioned at start of this Post ?
    Johnson1942 brought it up in post #463 . I already mentioned I frequently carry two . If my * Sequentially First * gun is a SA , the other will use either speedloaders or magazines .

    Power or Effectiveness can be debated endlessly. But even if they believe other rounds are also highly effective, few people would ever claim ( non- CAS "mouse fart") .45 Colt was ineffective . Both for general 2 legged purposes , or suitable hard cast for when hiking or 4x4'ing where I regularly make acquaintance of black bears .

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    Boolit Master

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    Apr 2009
    Southernmost State of the Union
    I carry my 5.5" Lipsey .44 special in a pancake holster if the mood strikes me. I also carry a 36 and Kahr CM40 at times too and do not feel undergunned, underpowered or limited capacity. I may be in denial but do not anticipate facing more than 5 baddies at one time.
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    Boolit Man
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    Dec 2008
    I guess I’m guilty. NAA pug in 22 mag in my front pocket. Hornaday critical defense ammo. Used it to dispatch a chicken killer in the coop.

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    Boolit Man heelerau's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Gidgegannup Western Australia
    We do not have conceal and carry permits down under, but I did shoot cowboy action for awhile with my cap and balls, both a London Navy and a 3rd model dragoon. I also shot service pistol with a S&W mod 66 for donkeys years. You get pretty slick even with one of these old timers. Personally a Remington New Mod army would be a good reliable carry. Get your first shot into your target, as has been said 1 good hit is better than 8 or 9 misses.
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    Boolit Bub
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    Depends on the shooter. I have witnessed $4K 45ACP shooters who could not hit the broadside of a barn with the doors closed and inside. All the speed and power means nothing if you miss. For home defense or in an open carry state, it would be fine I guess, but I'm skeptical on size for CCW. I'll stick with the 642.

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    Aug 2010
    N.W. Ohio
    they would not be my choice only because of the size and bulk to easily conceal, I prefer a 4.5" 1911 as it is flat and easy to conceal, along with being more comfortable than the J frame or the sp-101 I carried over a decade ago, not to mention the 45 acp cartridge,, I am kinda partial to it. But by all means a single action in experienced hands is every bit as lethal!

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    Mar 2009
    If you ever see an old man carrying a SAA, with the bluing worn off, I suggest you leave him the hell alone!

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    May 2018
    Arkansas Delta
    For true CCW away from home I carry a Glock 43. But for carry when walking around my woods with my dog; I normally carry my SA Lipsey Ruger Blackhawk 4 1/2" 44 Special in a M3 shoulder holster. For feral dogs and hogs I might run across around my place I like the edge I get with a 240 grain lead swc bullet.

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