I bought this mold for $ 17.00 new to cast bullets for my Jack Haley 32 caliber air rifle . At 50 yards I could not keep the bullets on paper let a lone get a group . Not a man that easly gives up I took a 5/16 drill bit to it and removed the groves . Casted some bullets , resixed them to .311 and tried again . They started to group fair .

Since I really had nothing to lose I drilled the mold deeper and removed the 1 R noise and made the 93 grain bullet into a 111 grains . Casted and resized .

Aired the 32 up to 3600psi and 1 fill 3 shot string with no hold over yeilded this at 50 yards .

I got my moneys worth for sure and a mold that I will never part with or forget .Marvin