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Thread: 7.62x39 cast bullet load data

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    7.62x39 cast bullet load data

    Before someone climbs all over me about asking this question, let me say I HAVE done a search and still can't find what I found earlier in the way of condensed information.
    Now my question: A while back I found a site or a post with a full page and 1/2 of loads for various cast bullets in the 7.62x39. I thought I had bookmarked it but apparently I did not. Now, for the life of, I cannot find it. Can anyone help me out here?
    I know there is a lot of individual information here on this site but I wanted to print out the data and put it in my loading record book for reference in my shop since I don't have a computer there. Besides, I'm an old guy and still like the hard copy.

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    That's where I started. Just cast up a bunch more tester 160 grain Lee boolits, gas checked sized and lubed!

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    There's a bunch of data on the CastPics site. (Thanks Buckshot )

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    15 grains of 2400 is an excellent place to start, and its one I always come back to, but I'm using a 135 grain boolit.
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    25 has a jillion cast loads.

    If you check, they frequently have introductory specials where you can visit their site and have full access to loads for free, for a limited time. But their yearly subscription rate is pretty cheap; I subscribe each year. That is the most concise way to make printouts, because of the condensed format. And it represents data from most of the sources available anywhere (including the current reloading manuals that cost $$). (also a paid subscription) is also great, and has many useful features besides just the loads; but I prefer the sourced information of LoadData for the most part - e.g. Hornady Manual versus some individual shooter. Then, I compare the loads with a reloading manual to verify that they are not way out there, before trying them.

    Junior Doughty came up with a phenomenal load - a .30-30 cast bullet load using the ever popular 173 grain Lyman 311041 ("31141" in many circles) cast bullet. And his load achieves 30-30 velocities, so he has a rapid-fire SKS rifle with 30-30 hog loads.

    There are provisos, of course - verify that you have the CORRECT true caliber in your 7.62x39 rifle or carbine; work up the load slowly; use a correctly sized boolit. But I tried it, using a surplus powder (as he did) that emulates IMR 4064 in performance. My groups were tight and I found no leading in the barrel or at the gas port. I did notice that the cartridges came out pretty hot, so I'll probably back off for the next batch when I shoot next month.

    His article is in his "hunting" section; but if you read halfway down the rather long article, you will see a photo of a .30-30 and 7.62x39 load, side by side, using the same cast bullet. The details can be found around that photo. See:
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    well 7.63x39 is a military round, and you are using cast boolits, so why not look ing milrifles with cast boolits (CB Loads / Military Rifles )??

    what a novel idea
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    Junior Dougherty seems perfectly happy with his "30-30" equivelent 7.62x39 loads and if they suit his purposes then good on him. However, to give the 30-30 its due even with a 20" M94 Carbine barrel the 311041 and 1700 fps is just a starting load. The 311041 from either the original Lyman mould or the the GB Lee mould can be safely pushed with very, very good hunting accuracy to 2000 - 2100 fps. That is a far cry better than anything the 7.62x39 can do with the same bullet(s). Now Junior has a fine hunting rifle that certainly suits his hog hunting style but lets keep it in perspective as regards to the old 30-30.

    I modified a Yugo SKS similar to what Junior did except I did not change the sights and I attached a CETME/FR8 flash suppressor. It is actually welded to the remains of the granade launcher. In the Yugo and my Russian SKS I've found the GB 150 gr WFN works quite well ove H4895 at 1900 fps. Still not up to what the 30-30 can do (2200 fps) with that same bullet but efective any ways to 200 yards. Both my Yugo and Russian SKS but 10 shots of that load into 2 -3 moa at 100 yards. I've modified the gas tube on the Russian to ease the violence of ejection and am contemplating D&Ting for a gas adjustment screw on the Yugo.

    The SKS is a very good rifle, especiall the one Junior modified his for and developed decent loads for. I also find the GB 311041 to be an excellent bullet in other .31 cal rifles.

    Larry Gibson
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