I am still running the 50/50 mix lanolin / castor oil, by weight, and it does all my draw and swage requirements. Temp of the reloading room has a lot to do with the thickness of this brew.
Cleaning is done in two tins of Shelite. For jackets that have been drawn and trimmed and ready for core seating, it is a pre rinse in a tin which gets 90% of the lube off and then a dip in unused Shelite to make them spotless. Jackets are then tumbled lubed in 1000 lots. The used Shelite that now contains a bit of lanolin is used to pre lube my cut cores prior to swaging them to weight. I dip the cores and then let them dry. This ensures each core has the same amount of lube and I do not need to tumble them to lube them. Once swaged the cores are dipped in the prerinse tin and then in unused Shelite to make them ready for seating. I now do every thing 1000 at a time.
the used Shelite can be filtered a bit through a rag to get the core swaging "fines" out of it if you want.