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Thread: Tumble Lubing--Made Easy & Mess-Free

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    Quote Originally Posted by sniper View Post
    Been looking without success...except Amazon, where they have a 22 oz. can listed for like $122!
    I think you are looking for discontinued Johnson Liquid floor wax that comes in 22oz cans, not paste wax which comes in 16oz cans and still available.

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    Just read 42 pages of comments that spanned 9 years; took me about a week, I probably read half of it couple years ago when I made my lube and even though I screwed up, I got sub moa group on the first try in 300 BLK with undersized bullets! It was significantly better group than what I was getting normally with powder coated bullets. I can see same questions asked over and over again, made me wonder why there isnít a Frequently Asked Section in the original post. Most posts can be summarized in to following questions/statements, please donít get offended, this meant to be taken lightly with dose of humor / exaggerated.
    1) Pointless announcements: I found JPW in my local hardware store, I ordered online, I made a lube, I am heading to the range next weekend to test it, wish me luck, etc. If it doesnít add any value/info to the post I donít understand why people feel the need to write it. Unless you are adding information like hereís how I measured, this is how long I cooked at this temp and this is how it turned out. Please add useful info like I tested this TL in my Smith & Wesson 500, I was shooting my 50 caliber 700gr zinc bullets at 2000 fps and got no leading!!

    2) I canít find JPW anywhere! I looked all over the town and itís not there! Oops, I was looking at car section because I though itís the same as floor wax because it has carnauba in it! A: If you canít find it locally in your hardware store (Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware) you can order online from their website and have it ship for free to the store or your doorstep for fee, you can also order at Amazon or directly from manufacturer.

    3) I canít find JPW will the Minwax or Trewax work? A: YES!

    4) Canít I just add candle wax and carnuba with alox and dash of gasoline and it should work right? Because itís same ingredients that are in JPW. A: Try it and let us know, I am pretty sure author didnít try every substitute and combination under the sun when he wrote this tutorial.

    5) I just attempted to make this mix over my Coleman burner in closed garage without anything to put out fire and I left it unattended next to my propane tank and smokeless powder and when I came back there was a huge fire that I barely put out with my bare hands. I melt like a snowflake when people bash their heads in unison against brick wall , I am offended. A: You should join some facebook reloading groups where people cuss like sailors and are very vicious with their remarks. This forum is haven! But to answer the question Ė Yes it will burst in to 3 feet flames even without open flames if it reaches about 350 degrees so donít let it get too hot and keep flat object like a plate or lid to smoother the flames. Donít ask me how I know, I have video footage to prove it next to 20lb propane tank.

    6) Why do I need cook off solvents and then introduce mineral spirits later? A: Ok, this one is complicated but somewhere one person gave good scientific explanation in short just do it if you want it to work as intended.

    7) I made a lube but itís runny like water but after some time it thickened up consistency of peanut butter or chocolate pudding and as soon as I pour it on bullets it solidifies A: Yes, itís normal, reheat in microwave for 15 sec or hot water and warm up your bullets either in toaster oven dedicated to your shooting needs or use heatgun/fan.

    8) I used different Xlox and different wax and added turpentine instead of MS, why is my lube not drying and tacky? A: As mentioned earlier if you deviated from original recipe donít be surprised itís not working or expect hunters/shooters/casters who know little about chemistry to know why itís not working. I suggest start over and follow directions or use it as is.

    9) Why do I need 2 coats, canít I just use one or 3? A: 2 coats because you donít want to resize it dry, but what if I donít size them or run them dry? Try one and see if you get leading or apply up to 3 coats for rifle bullets. Several thin coats better than 1 thick one.

    10) How much of the lube should I use on 100 bullets? A: Recluse described how he does it and since he is not using measuring spoons you would have to experiment yourself since you didnít even say what kind of bullets you are using. People reported about Ĺ teaspoon per 100 typical 9mm boolits works (125gr).

    11) I havenít sized my bullets since early 1900ís why isnít everyone doing that? A) Because most bullets are not perfectly round and lead shaving is bound to occur. B) Because also bullets vary in diameter and my case mouth expander is specifically from NOE has set size. C) Because I am using Hornady bullet feeder on my progressive press that relies on uniform bullet diameter to feed flawlessly. D) Because I donít like to over expand case mouths to accommodate larger bullet and possibly get resized by the case when seated.
    But when sizing it deforms bullet and destroys surface hardness! When using Lee push through sizer I never seen deformed bullets even though I am going from .313 to .309 and surface harness I believe is overrated. I tested flat top bullets and ones where I removed 1/16 from the top on the lathe and found only 1-2 BHN difference between 2 sets of samples and effect is probably even less pronounced with softer lead. This was tested on very hard lead BHN 26 (tempered WW).
    Ok, I probably missed some but seriously, this is one awesome forum, and I learned a lot! Thank you for all who contributed and special thanks to Recluse.
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    Tell me why zinc boolits don't lead......
    μολὼν λαβέ

    Did I ever mention that I hate to trim brass?

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    I am wondering when the bullet is going down the bore does it melt and deposit some that tumble lube in the barrel or does it act soft of like like a coat to make a bullet slick? I am just wondering if I could use this in my 30 cal AR15, I don't want to clog the gas tube. Should I stick to powder coating?

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    Yeah, WAY TO GO , BOSS...I was just about to become a Homer and ask what JPW meant until I read your fine example of a "TOTAL WORDSMITH". I've been using Xlox on my commercially purchased bullets and my home cast for a long time, and yes, I have collected a couple or three Mule Snot bottles along the way but just never bothered to do any mixing or tumbling. Just acquired a 40-65 Sharps and 38-55 Hi Wall, two Accurate Arms molds and a few hundred commercial bullets to start on...so all that few at a time is about to change. Thanks again.

    What other goodies do you have up your sleeve?????

    I just noticed I responded to a post from 9 YEARS AGO...the way these threads are set up is TOTALLY CONFUSING.
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    Rat Meat,
    Welcome to the forum.

    The discussion threads at the top of the list, that have "sticky" as a prefix, have been put there because of their significant importance.
    ďIf someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun.Ē
    ― The Dalai Lama, Seattle Times, May 2001

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    Not a big fan of cooking JPW so I diluted some white label Xlox with MS (took quite a bit & rigorous shakin' to be able to start scrapping it off to a container) on a humid mid 50s TX night. Old stock Xlox is more like a tootsie roll than mule snot.
    I then added equal amount of JPW as-is (always workable consistency in any weather) & shake the mix until homogeneous. Surprising that the more I shake the less viscous the mix seems to be so I shook it some more till it can barely flow back to the MS bottle.

    Got a herd of PC'd 30cals (PBs & GCs) that I TL'd to the remnants of mixing container & let dry for a day. After drying, noticed a dull sheen on them but kinda shiny on lube-grooves. Load & shot a bunch on my 300BLK AR both supers & subs. Barrel seems cleaner but can't tell the difference in accuracy. I've done the same to my pistol CBs but haven't shot them yet...

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    Thanks so much I'll have to try this out

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