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Thread: Thoughts on H&R Buffalo Classic

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    I used to feed my BC the kind of warm loads you're talking about, and the only problem was a bruised shoulder. The reason I switched to lighter loads was because I finally realized that I don't need elephant loads to hunt deer and hogs up close like I do. Both were equally accurate, and both put plenty of meat on my table, but the lighter loads were cheaper, more fun to shoot, and equally effective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlbarr View Post
    That's some good shooting there, shoe.

    Had a question...not sure anyone will want to re-reading this old thread, I saw occasional mentions of "ruger-type loads". I have, on rare occasions, fired those kind of loads out of my HR 4570 barrels (I have three). Depending on the barrel, they range from stout to miserable to shoot.

    Has anybody here fed their HR4570 a somewhat steady diet of ruger loads? If so, any bad stories as a result?
    Thank you dlbarr, it took me some time to get there. Likely the higher end lever action level loads are fine and MAYBE some Ruger #1 loads, seeing that the H&R Handi action has been fitted with barrels chambered in 300 Win Mag. The 300 can get up to 60KSI with a bolt face not too much smaller than the .45-70 so this rifle MIGHT be okay. We can do a little math to verify:

    .45-70: .500" pressure bearing diameter: .1960 in^2 head area
    .300 Win Mag: .532" case head: 0.2222 in^2 head area

    .45-70: 50,000psi*.1960 in^2 = 9,800 lbs of bolt thrust
    .300 Win Mag: 60,000psi*0.2222 in^2 = 13,332 of bolt thrust

    Making the assumption that the .300 Win Mag is the limit for the frame, you probably CAN venture into the Ruger #1 loads but I would suggest consulting with H&R first.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lonegun1894 View Post
    I used to feed my BC the kind of warm loads you're talking about, and the only problem was a bruised shoulder. The reason I switched to lighter loads was because I finally realized that I don't need elephant loads to hunt deer and hogs up close like I do. Both were equally accurate, and both put plenty of meat on my table, but the lighter loads were cheaper, more fun to shoot, and equally effective.
    My shoulder was bruised enough this session from the buttplate and light weight. It's worth it knowing that it shoots great though. Effective hunting range for a jacketed 405gr at 1300fps is 150 yards for deer and hog apparently so I don't know why people are punishing themselves with some of these heavy loads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack19512 View Post
    Oh, you guys that make these one shot one kill shots know that you can do that with a bolt or lever gun too don't you?
    lol but then we have to waste all that time unloading and reloading it over and over and over.It's just easier to go out knowing you have one round so you make sure that round hits home...

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    Great older thread guys n gals. Thanks for all the insights.. Mine is a 45/110 now since I decided 45/70 just wasn't enough punishment lol. I use homegrown bp and 540 grain home grown bullets although black hills outfitters makes a bullet it likes even more same basic weight. Or maybe I need more practice. Its fun at the range, everybody sees the blak smoke n hears the roar and comes over just begging to try it out. I don't mind its a blast I just stand behind them and catch them when it knocks them over (especially the little 223 crowd lol) The rifle hits whatever you aim it at out to around 700 beyond that my scope is not enough to even begin to figure out the drop etc. I use a cheap 12x56 scope I got for a present from amazon for 60 bucks. Thing is amazingly well made. Many many rounds down range and it just stays locked it. Has red and green lighted recticle with level adjustments too. I had a Leopold 9x40 and it was great but not enough for my eyes at distance. I was considering letting it go because I really want a sharps 1863 sport with that 32 inch barrel but might figure a different way to get the cash together. Anyway wanted to say thanks to all for your insights. Might post hundred yard groupings next time I go out if I remember the camera. Yes that's right I have no smart phone lol.......

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    I guess it's time to resurrect this old thread and gnaw on a yarn a bit.

    I got a 12ga, .223 and the 1871 Buffalo Classic in 45-70 from H&R in the late 1990's. I still have them all and had another re-barreled with 357MAX but that is long gone. I'd give a bit for a 357 magnum though!

    The 45-70 is the kids favorite, 4 boys would all stand in line waiting for their turn. The youngest (bean pole kind of child) got the gallery loads, the middle two (stout young men) liked the hunting loads (Federal 300gr) and the oldest giggles at the 400gr cast loaded to Ruger #1 loads. I dare not push the loads further, both for the guns sake and our shoulders!

    I mounted a Creedmoor Vernier Tang Sight (long range, 5") on it and walked boolits up the dessert floor up to 1000 yards and used up every one of the 5 inches of travel that screw had! The spotter told me the boolits were coming in at better than 45 degrees and when we drove down to inspect the target, the ones that hit the target (don't get too exited, it was a massive abandoned Cat D9 blade) were still whole and banana shaped due to coming in from such a high angle.

    I think I could have done better with a lighter boolit and more powder but these proved the point and made this a family heirloom.

    The oldest grandchild eyed it up as her dad and I were cleaning the bore last month. Looks like its time to load some gallery loads again?
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    I've got a Wesson & Harrington 1871 Buffalo Classic. Bought it years ago and last year I put a Marbles tang sight on it, put it in the safe and haven't fired it yet. Just too much else to do. It's just such a good gun & fun to shoot. Have taken bear, deer & hogs with it, and although I know it's capable of those heavy shoulder busters, I've never had more than a trap door load through it. Funny thing I remember about it is that from the dealer, it had no sights afixed. Dove tail cut & drilled & tapped and all that, but as I guess, it was a new product, they didn't furnish sights. They are shooters for sure.

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    OK, 11 years and 6 forum pages on the H&R 45-70 Buffalo Classic - my experience with the rifle:
    * 20 years ago I bought a used BC with the 38-55 barrel. It was my 1st BP Cartridge single shot rifle and I didn't know squat about them
    * Put mid range vernier on the stock and loaded 20 rounds of 525gr Postell's with 52 gr of Triple 7 and off to the range for it's first venture
    * Took 15 rounds to get it sighted at 100 yds leaving 5 rounds left
    * Went over to the club's 600 yd range to finish off the reloads
    * It was hot as heck - cranked the vernier up to 152 MOA and proceeded to rapid fire at the target on the riser
    * A club member shooting next to me with his 309 said, let's go down range to inspect our targets
    * On my target in the 7 ring were 5 holes in a group that was about 4" x 5" with 3 holes that could have been covered by a silver dollar
    I was confirmed that the Green Mountain barrel on the rifle was a winner and subsequent long range groups 200m out to 1000yds proved it's accuracy

    This rifle started me on many thousands of dollars purchasing other single shot brake open/falling/rolling block BPC rifles of various makes and calibers including an old 1872 Stevens Tip Up in 32 Long rim fire
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