I have an NOE double cavity mold which I have had for some time, but never used. Needing some boolits for 35 Remington, I fired up the pot and tried it out. I also used a Winchester 38-55 mold. I dipper poured, and had success with the single cavity mold almost immediatly. First attempts with the NOE gave me half boolits etc., even though I had rested the mold on the pot. After casting a couple dozen 38-55's I tried again. Wah-lah. I suspect the lead was finally up to temperature and compared to the other mold the boolits practically jumped out of the mold. I finally realized why the Winchester mold had so many marks on the outside! If the boolit didn't hang on one side of the mold, it hung on the other. The NOE mold, in contrast was a joy to use. I could practically see the lead level falling in the pot, and being a two cavity it was much, much faster. NOE molds deserve their fine reputation.