So I have been a little busy lately, Things have loosened up somewhat but not that much, according to the news the death toll is subsiding but the danger is still high. I feel like it will or won't affect me/us and there is an inevitability to it that can not be avoided, delayed perhaps, but avoided,,, no. In the mean time, I have made a trip to Florida to take our daughters stuff to her, since she has decided not to come back to Michigan. She will make her life there and I hope that she finds it fulfilling and is blessed with a happy life there. I drove 3000 miles in 4 days and discovered that it is not as easy as it used to be. It was not a pleasure trip.

Church Services have " resumed " and it is different. Big spaces are maintained and no one hugs or even shakes hands. Communion is individual and that seems kind of an oxymoron to me, We still commune, but from a distance. I believe the Holy Spirit is fully capable of overcoming this but I find it ..... different from my flawed inadequate viewpoint.

While I was gone my boy cleaned the garage, which I have been intending to do for about 6 months. Bless his heart!!!! He did a good job and I only have a little trouble finding things. That is not a complaint, it is 1000% better than it was.

The Church has a house that used to be the parsonage which it rents out. I have asked why the Church wants to be in the landlord business, and gotten the answer that the house must be kept just in case we ever get a pastor that wants to use it as his residence. So be it. So it is empty right now and we have been cleaning and fixing and maintaining and it is about ready to rent out. All in all it does bring in some money to the Church and that is good because it needs a roof right now.

My wife had four teeth pulled a few days ago, they have been bothering her for a year or so and she made an appointment just before the shut down, so that got put off for 3 more months because it wasn't an emergency. So things opened up a little and she got the work done and was immediately better, It was the drugs. So that caused her to ask me to get her some prune juice from the store. So I put on my mask and went in, looking for prune juice. I wandered up and down the aisles and didn't see any prune juice. I was starting to draw attention, wandering around looking lost and somewhat disheveled , my normal appearance. I now know that prune juice is in the very middle of the sport drink section, right by the gatoraid. I would not have guessed this.

I still have to get the brakes working properly on car #2, good thing we have a spare car. But it kind of begs the question, " do we need two cars?" It is nice to have a spare I guess but is it cheaper than having one good reliable car. I am mulling this question.

So this coming week I think I will be tearing out a friends laundry room for a small remodel. It should be interesting. They just want it to be a little nicer and to have the toilet be a little private in there. last week I replaced a back step for another friend which was needed because the wife was falling off the old very unsafe one. I warned them that I have no insurance and the house is in my wifes name. I had talk them into a hand rail. I hope they don't hurt themselves. I wanted to put up steel grab bars but they were " ugly" , so are broken bones.

So plodding on, we will see what comes next,, yippee!