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Thread: A good bullet for a .50 T/C Renegade.

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    A good bullet for a .50 T/C Renegade.

    I am pretty new to bullet casting, having only cast .38 wadcutters so far, although I am waiting to order a .41 mold soon. A friend gave me quite a bit of pure lead and it got me to wanting to cast it into bullets for my .50 T/C Renegade for deer hunting. I know that the Renegade can be somewhat finicky on accuracy due to it's twist rate. Have any of you had luck with any particular mold with this rifle?

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    The T/C Maxi Ball was designed to Shoot well from that rifle. It’s a 1:48 twist, so just about any bullet will work. Round balls will work, too, but velocity is limited.
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    If I were to start over again on my TC's, I would buy balls from Track of the Wolf, and find various patches to try. Then pick a standard powder charge, say 70 grains, and ONLY change the ball or patch one at a time until I found the right combo. Don't change powder or lube yet. In your case, I would buy .480", .490", and .495" balls. You can buy patch material there too, or from a fabric store.

    My own TC's are all 54's. I sold some, but kept a renegade and a scout pistol. What worked in the Renegade was a .520" ball and canvas patch (from my Carhartt pants), and what worked in my scout pistol was a .530" ball and pillow ticking patch from the local fabric store. I then fine tuned from there, but the ball and patch combo is the #1 key to accuracy.

    A maxi ball also shoots very well, and can also be bought at TOTW. I didn't like them for three reasons. #1 at 430 grains (375 gr for 50 caliber) they kick like a mule. #2 they were trickier to cast and harder to load, although better in both regards than the great plains bullet. #3 they penetrate like crazy, but don't cause as impressive damage as a round ball IMO. They are still certainly a good choice.

    At a later date I found a possible fourth advantage to a PRB, although I have not experimented enough to prove it. That is, that I can get a clean bore, cold bore, first shot to hit exactly where I want to the sights. With any conical, I always had the first clean bore, cold bore, first shot end up out of the group. The key for me was that after cleaning the barrel, I lubed the bore with my patch lube. Lubing with a gun oil found shots way out of the group. A fouled bore can avoid all of this, but you only have a couple days before you are pushing the limits to rust.

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    Idaho Lewis over @ modern muzzle loader forum has done excellent research on exactly your question and you can go on you tube and watch each of his videos he makes documenting the Lymans great plains boolit vs TC maxi and a whole bunch more about different projectiles used in all his TC Renegades ! And when all is said and done , this guy has wrote the book on side locks and you can bet the ranch on that and the (Lyman Great Plains ) boolit !!!~

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    I have owned several 50 caliber T/C's. I found the Lee R.E.A.L. bullet to be an excellent choice in all of them. Today however, I own only one T/C, a .54 Renegade. What MSM said above is true! I've found the larger caliber PRB's will give me all I need in performance, at least inside 100 yds. There's nothing wrong with a 50, but a 54, 58 or 62 PRB is pretty darned effective. And, once you settle on a load you won't need anything else!
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    You may find that an over powder wad helps improve accuracy when using conicals. 1/48 should do good in both RBs and conicals.
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    A T/C Renegade in good shape will shoot many things very well. I prefer the T/C Maxi-Ball over the T/C Maxi-Hunter. Round balls have worked fairly well and give my tired old shoulder a break or the longer / heavier conicals.

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    I have hunted with a Renegade for the most part, the last 30 years give or take. The Hornady Great plains bullet, in .54 always gave me the best accuracy for a factory bullet. I cast the Lyman 450 gr .54 plains right now, I have a .54 Hawken barrel on a Renegade stock, drops right in as it is1" across the flats. I shoot 105 grains of 2ffg, or 90-3fffg, shoots same point of impact. I do put a oiled carboard wad underneath my slug, that is oiled with veg oil. Gun has also been glass bedded, and will shoot a cloverleaf at 100yds with a scope on it. You might want to look at glass bedding the barrel channel and the tang, to help accuracy and prevent any cracks around the tang, as the stock dries and metal gets a little loose.

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    A maxi ball over a wad and 80 grains or better of powder should be very accurate. You can find original TC maxi ball molds on Ebay for not a lot of money in 50 cal. Make sure your lead temp is up to 800F and your mold is preheated.
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    Hello blindbernie,

    You might want to try a LEE .452-255-RF set in a sabot.
    They shoot well in my son's Hawken.


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    370 gr. Maxi Ball is standard for me , my 50 Renegade will shoot PRB very well also .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edward View Post
    Idaho Lewis over @ modern muzzle loader forum has done excellent research on exactly your question and you can go on you tube and watch each of his videos he makes documenting the Lymans great plains boolit vs TC maxi and a whole bunch more about different projectiles used in all his TC Renegades ! And when all is said and done , this guy has wrote the book on side locks and you can bet the ranch on that and the (Lyman Great Plains ) boolit !!!~
    I watched Idaho Lewisís videos on YouTube. I have a new to me Renegade which Iíll be using cast TC Maxi-Hunters with felt wad. If I.L. can get good groups then I should be able to also.
    I have the Plains bullet mold in .54 for my TC Hawken.
    Fun stuff!

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    Use pure lead. Get a 50 cal Maxiball mold. They are available regularly here and there. Try a 1/16" felt or 1/8" felt or .060" veg wad under bullet. One of those should work. Use a full power CCI cap that fits the nipple properly. Use finger to lube grooves with soft BP lube like SPG or Crisco. Use real BP. Swab between shots. Start at 50 gr and increase in 10 gr increments up to about 80 gr. Try both FF and FFF. Testing all those combinations will keep you busy for a while and give you a lot of trigger/range time to bond with the rifle.... but I would wager you will find the load.

    The .50 Maxiball is an excellent big game hunting bullet for deer right up to large elk and I'm certain moose- but never had the chance to try it on a moose. My most accurate, serious hunting load developed for a 50 cal 48" twist TC was 80 gr FFF BP, a .060" veg over-powder card wad under a pure lead Maxiball lubed with Crisco. Don't overlook swabbing between shots. The most important shot you'll take at game is the first one and it will likely be from a clean barrel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawlerbrook View Post
    I LOVE these, when I can find them! Shoot excellent out of my TC Renegade and Lyman GPR. Prb and 250 grain REAL shoot and perform well too.

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    The only thing I use my TC Hawkin for is deer. I got two of them a 45 & 50. I have shot maxi and several other bullets in both but hunt with RBs & real BP. Never failed to get my deer with RB. The game was shot to extinction in Ohio with MLs of under 40cal. Ohio law has always been 38 min. on deer. I did take the wrong rifle one morning and end up bagging mine with a Cherokee TC/ RB. I don’t ML hunt anymore thinking about getting rid of all.

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