The thick rim is from an Italian made mold hollow base mold. The base has some corrosion pits, not too worried bout it yet, but really no way to repair it either without extensive mold surgery. They seem to shoot well, and i`ll live with it. The thinner rim is from an Ideal mold.
My boolit trap would not stop a larger “freight train” Lee semi wad cutter (Not pictured)that i`m also working with. Those huge lumps bash straight thru 6 inches of sand, and i never find them. The 6 inches is plenty to stop either of the boolits pictured. Will be making a new trap, ten inches deep.
I`ve been shooting the same 3 or 4 lbs of lead for the most part since about 2015, even though i have about 50 or 60 lbs of this same alloy.

I plink with WW Patched round balls when not attempting to recover them with my RB guns, but sight in with soft for hunting.